Tesla Under U.S. Criminal Investigation Claims Its Car Is Self-Driving

  • according to Report from ReutersAmerican EV giant Tesla is now facing a criminal investigation from the Justice Department.
  • The criminal investigation joins a series of investigations into the company from both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Tesla’s fully self-driving (FSD) option is currently priced at $15,000, but has yet to reach regulatory approval.

EV maker Tesla is under criminal investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice over claims that its cars are “fully self-driving.”The news is included in a recently published article Reuters The news service, citing an anonymous source, described it as “three people familiar with the matter.” The federal government has been investigating him since 2021, after more than a dozen alleged crashes involving Tesla’s self-driving technology, according to reports.

Justice Department prosecutors are seeking to determine “whether Tesla misled consumers, investors and regulators by making unsubstantiated claims about the functionality of its driver assistance technology,” according to a Reuters article. is. According to Reuters, the outcome of the investigation could lead to criminal charges, civil penalties or closure of the matter.

controversial from the start

Tesla has been criticized by many for what it means for its vehicles to be self-driving, given the company’s use of the name “fully self-driving.” Tesla’s fully self-driving system relies on constant attention from the vehicle’s driver, so it is effectively a Level 2 driver assistance technology rather than a fully automated vehicle.

However, it can be argued that Tesla has allowed its customers to believe otherwise. For example, a video on the Tesla Autopilot website reads: Further down on the website, it says, “Autopilot allows the car to automatically steer, accelerate and brake within its lane. Currently, his Autopilot feature requires active driver monitoring. , the vehicle cannot be made autonomous.”

Tesla warns drivers to stay alert even with Autopilot enabled. Reuters speculates this may protect Tesla in a Justice Department investigation.

What the warning doesn’t seem to do is encourage drivers to pay less attention to the road. Research conducted by MIT Last year, we found that drivers using Autopilot took their eyes off the road longer than they did without the system.

A criminal investigation by the Justice Department is not the first investigation facing Tesla regarding Autopilot and FSD. NHTSA earlier this year he launched an investigation into more than 800,000 Tesla vehicles with his Autopilot in June, and in July, the California DMV said the company had misfeatured driver assistance features. accused of advertising

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