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Tesla (TSLA) announced that it has installed 250,000 Powerwalls

Tesla has announced a new milestone for Powerwall. The company currently has 250,000 home battery packs for home use.

Last year, Tesla seemed to be accelerating the deployment of Powerwall.

Tesla Introduced Powerwall 2 In 2016, the household energy storage business grew rapidly, with the cost per kWh of energy capacity at the top.

The car maker has received tens of thousands of reservations for the device, but in the last few years since Tesla focused on producing the Model 3 and other energy storage products such as Powerpack and Megapack to supply batteries. The start-up of production has been delayed.

Last year, the company managed to start increasing production.

Tesla does not share frequent updates on Powerwall deployments beyond the quarterly overall energy storage deployment, but Megapack and Powerpack are also included.

But it has released some milestones.

In May 2020, Tesla confirmed that it had installed the first 100,000 Powerwalls. This took about 4 years.

May 2021 one year later. Tesla confirms that Powerwall installations have reached 200,000..

Currently in November 2021, Tesla states that the number of Powerwall installations has reached 250,000.

This shows that Tesla has installed about 50,000 Powerwalls in the last 6 months. This is consistent with an annual rate of 100,000 Powerwalls per year.

A 100,000 Powerwall is equivalent to a deployed 1.4 GWh of energy capacity.

Tesla reported that it has introduced more than 4 GWh of energy storage capacity in the last 12 months.

Therefore, Powerwall occupies a small portion of the storage capacity deployed by Megapack and is expected to occupy most of it.

Earlier this year, Tesla released Powerwall + And revealed that it has Over 80,000 Powerwall backlog For ordering and growth.

The company is working to increase production, but also said that the supply of battery cells is the main constraint and that it is prioritizing the supply to electric vehicles.

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