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Tesla Model S plaid buyers are starting to get some delivery dates next month

The Tesla Model S Prad had some delivery delays, but with the arrival of a new version of Tesla’s flagship sedan, buyers are starting to get delivery dates for next month.

In January Tesla has introduced updated versions of Model S and Model X This will bring new powertrains, new interiors and an updated exterior design to Tesla’s two flagship electric vehicles.

When launching a new vehicle, CEO Elon Musk said delivery should begin within a few weeks. The first delivery will be in February.

It didn’t happen.

It’s been a few weeks since May, and we’ve never delivered a new Model S reported by a Tesla customer.

During Tesla’s first-quarter 2021 earnings announcement, automakers said:The first delivery of the new Model S will start shortly“Mass said he believes it will be next month, now May.”

The CEO said the delay was related to ensuring that the updated Model S’s new battery pack was safe.

I haven’t heard much since then, but it seems to be starting to move now.

A Tesla customer who ordered a new Model S vehicle recently reported a significant change in delivery time.

Currently, several customers have told Electrek that Tesla’s advisor confirmed the delivery date in early June.

After Tesla announced the new Model S plaid, two of those customers ordered in January and February, and one customer ordered a new Model S before the announcement.

Since Tesla has already ordered Model S vehicles since last year, some deliveries may occur in May and may try to prioritize those deliveries.

Owners who ordered a Model S vehicle before the new version was announced in January Subject to $ 2,000 price adjustment Because the new version raises the price of the vehicle by about $ 10,000.


There were several deliveries by the end of the month, and it seems that there will definitely be some deliveries in June.

Get ready for the new avalanche of the Tesla Model S drag race, as new owners are expected to test the features of the new Model S.

It’s also interesting to see a new user interface that Tesla hasn’t yet shown for the new Model S.

Tesla has changed the screen configuration with a new version of the electric sedan, which requires a major UI change.

It may even bring some changes that will be carried over to other vehicles in software updates. we will see.

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