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Tesla is deploying the first megacharger to charge Tesla semi-electric trucks

Tesla was found deploying the first megacharger to charge the next Tesla semi-electric truck at the Gigafactory, Nevada.

With the announcement of Tesla Semi in 2017 Tesla has announced plans to deploy a “megacharger” A more powerful version of the supercharger network for charging electric trucks. The plan was ambitious.

Tesla wanted a new charging station that could add a 400-mile range in just 30 minutes. We also wanted to guarantee low electricity rates at the station.

At that time, Tesla estimated that it was planning a charging station that would supply more than 1 MW. This makes sense given the name.

But due to delays years and years later, Tesla hasn’t released a Tesla semi or megacharger yet.

Today, Tesla was found deploying its first megacharger station at the Gigafactory, Nevada.

The stalls are much longer than those found in most supercharged stations to accommodate heavy trucks with trailers.

In 2019, Tesla reported that it submitted its own high-power charging standard in excess of 1 MW for electric trucks within CharIN, the industry group behind the CCS standard.

CharIN is working with members on High Power Charging for Commercial Vehicles (HPCCV) to create a standard for vehicle charging station interoperability for electric trucks.

Tesla, along with Electrify America, ABB, paXos and Staubli, was one of five companies that submitted designs to develop standards for high-power charging.

Last year, Jerome Gillen, then head of Tesla’s heavy-duty truck, said: Automakers were working with partners to develop megachargers..

As previously reported, Tesla Next to the Gigafactory, Nevada, there is a facility for the production of small quantities of Tesla semi..

Earlier this summer, automakers completed a drive axle production line and debugged a small amount of general assembly lines.

Tesla recently postponed the first Tesla semi-delivery to customers until next year As the supply of battery cells increases, automakers are expected to build more prototype units at their facilities due to testing and their internal logistics needs.

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