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Tesla app update adds widgets, Powerwall features, and remote live view tips from the autopilot camera

Tesla has released a new mobile app update with some new little features, but it also shows that automakers have made some progress towards providing remote live view from the car’s autopilot camera. I am.

New update v4.2 introduces new big widgets and some new PowerShell features in iOS

  • Larger iOS widget improvements, including quick controls
  • Solar and Powerwall support Tesla’s utility bill plans.Utility bill plans now support buying and selling seasonal, multiple peak periods, and energy prices
  • Powerwall’s time-based control mode uses energy from Powerwall more accurately when the power is high and supports an updated rate plan for charging from other sources when the power is the lowest.

But the most interesting part of the update is actually in the backend.

This code shows that Tesla is working to enable live camera view from the car’s autopilot camera via the mobile app.

Some code suggests that Tesla is working to provide access to the feed from four of the eight cameras around the vehicle (one on each side).

The new features build on Tesla’s existing Sentry Mode system.

Sentry Mode is Tesla’s in-car integrated surveillance system that uses an autopilot camera around the car, changing the game when it comes to destroying parked cars.

Several times, Sentry Mode videos spread by word of mouth, The destroyer withdrew after online pressure..

In other cases Video evidence helped police identify and find the destroyer..

This feature was built on top of the previously released integrated dashcam system, TeslaCam, which has similar functionality to Sentry mode, but is used when someone is in the car.

TeslaCam Helped some Tesla owners with insurance claims by proving that they weren’t negligent In some accidents caught by the integrated dash cam system.

The owner must connect the storage device to activate the TeslaCam and Sentry mode features. Thumb drive or SSD Within Tesla, activate the Settings feature.

Originally, the owner had to take the storage device and connect it to a computer to view the video.

Last year, Tesla released New in-vehicle Sentry mode viewer — Facilitates review of owner’s footage.

After live view, owners may eventually be able to see Sentry Mode events from the app

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