Team Classic Suzuki Katana World Superbike World Championship-Mod: Inside Look

Team Classic Suzuki, a promotional vehicle for Suzuki’s Vintage Parts Program in the United Kingdom, participates in championship endurance races. In 2018, the team won the Superbike class in Oschersleben’s 4-hour endurance race with John Reynolds and Pete bragging on their swords. The team was scheduled to make their Isle of Man TT debut in 2020 with the modern GSX-R1000. We know how it went.

If you can’t race, use a wrench. For Team Classic Suzuki, build. The result is this stunning Team Classic Suzuki Katana. This is a fascinating street legal retro modding exercise based on 2008. Ulster Suzuki Participated in the Superbike World Championship.

Team Classic Suzuki Katana Rest-Mod

Powering the Katana is the 2008 GSX-R1000 motor, which produces 200 rear wheel horsepower. Exhaust is first routed from the Alstare World Superbike header. Racefit Take over your spent gas journey through the muffler at Darley Dale in Derbyshire (about an hour north of Donington Park Circuit). Cooling is processed by factory radiators and oil coolers, and the liquid is guided through aluminum pipes. NS YoshimuraEM Pro ECUs and software were introduced to handle refueling and other engine management tasks. In the build, Team Classic Suzuki’s Nathan Colombi has completely revamped the classic power plant.

The retro side arrives through a change to the Ulster World Superbike frame.Instead of the linkage-assisted single-shock rear suspension, the Team Classic Suzuki Katana features a one-time subframe and triangular swingarm created by Alpha Performance Fabrication It is located in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, about 60 miles northwest of London. The new rear end allows for the fitting of Twin Orleans Piggy Backshock in honor of the original 1981 Suzuki Katana.

Team Classic Suzuki Katana: Custom Bike

Team Classic Suzuki XR69 Replica Racer is made in the UK Dymag CH3 wheel. These same cast magnesium wheels are placed in this Katana build, and Brembo discs, calipers and pads handle all deceleration. Team Classic Suzuki has a rear brake caliper that slides behind the swingarm for a clean look. Rubber is thanks to the street-legal and truck-oriented Michelin Power Cup Evo tires.

The tank is made by Alstare Suzuki, and the seat unit is a modified version of Team Classic Suzuki. Seating began in Parabiago, Italy, just a few miles northwest of Milan. Lace seat.. The stylish perch is embroidered with the Katana logo. To complete the ergonomics, Team Classic Suzuki has added its own rear set.

Team Classic Suzuki Katana: World Superbike WSB

The front nosepiece is a Katana NOS available from Suzuki’s vintage parts and has been modified to fit the more modern front end. The Team Classic Suzuki logo is drawn on the back of the seat unit, and the Katana logo is drawn on the lower front. The tail lights and headlights are LEDs.

Final details include carbon fiber panels to accent the seat and nose unit, as well as Indiana-based fittings and fasteners. RaceFastener..

If you see the Retromod Team Classic Suzuki Katana in the rearview mirror, remember that the Twin Shock Restmod is the 2008 Superbike racing bike underneath its amazing skin.

Team Classic Suzuki Katana Photo Gallery Team Classic Suzuki Katana World Superbike World Championship-Mod: Inside Look

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