Take a look at the Honda Africa Twin to see what Tony Bou can do in 2 minutes.

April 2021 The world has a taste 28 Trial Champion Toni Bou offers a master class of precision motor (cycle) control on the Honda Africa Twin CRF 1100L. Having experienced numerous championships, Bow was already renowned for his unrivaled prowess on trial bikes. But while the African Twin is by no means a lightweight trial bike, Bou quickly figured out exactly how to handle it.

That was April. At the beginning of May 2021, Bow broke his leg in an accident during training.he I had surgery safely We needed to get back to training as soon as possible for the new trial season starting in June. Later that same month, Bow posted a video you can see right in front of you, showing you what you can do with the Africa Twin in just over two minutes.

From aggressive and near-vertical dirt cliff climbing to gentle feathering of controls and the African Twin landing on a dime, Bou is a balance technician who can do everything. At some point, he uses the Africa Twin skid plate as a kind of pivot to move his weight around the bike to overcome a series of large rocks that must be overcome. It’s very exciting to see.

On June 5, 2021, Bow boldly announced that he had effectively challenged TikTok and returned to the test. It’s about throwing crutches and climbing rocks on a trial bike like a two-wheeled goat, and to be honest, that’s the energy you’ll need in 2021. If you can’t spend all your waking hours on your bike, he You can’t get close to a good place like. It may not be the case, as it is uncertain whether the man climbed the wall in just a few minutes of birth and made it easy to see. He is just right

Anyway, look, be surprised, be inspired, go out and ride. Take a look at the Honda Africa Twin to see what Tony Bou can do in 2 minutes.

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