Taiwan’s motorcycle industry continues to grow tremendously

Taiwan’s Motorcycle industryThe industry for spare parts for motorcycles, and motorcycles, grew tremendously in the first quarter of 2021. A pandemic is the economy.In the report published by Taipei Times, The Ministry of Economy reported highlights of major industries.

According to the report, in the first quarter of 2021, Taiwan’s motorcycle industry produced production value of NT $ 35.6 billion, or equivalent to $ 1.29 billion. The rapid growth of the industry is due to the steady export of gasoline-powered motorcycles, scooters and, more recently, electric motorcycles. Taiwan has the world’s largest motorcycle and scooter manufacturers and OEM suppliers.Companies like Kymco And SYM We have enjoyed impressive sales in multiple markets.

As for spare parts, many OEMs ask Taiwanese companies to supply various components. With total production of NT $ 122 billion (US $ 4.35 billion) in 2019 and NT $ 132.4 billion (US $ 4.72 billion) in 2020, exports of Taiwanese spare parts and components are steadily increasing. In fact, Taipei Times The report emphasizes that Taiwan’s motorcycle industry has grown at an average annual rate of 5.2% since 2012.

Due to the pandemic, many people around the world are embracing motorcycle and other power sports hobbies. This has also contributed to the steady growth of Taiwan’s motorcycle industry. There is no doubt that Taiwan’s motorcycle industry is a few steps ahead of the game, with new trends emerging around the world, especially in the field of electric vehicles. Many Taiwan-based motorcycle manufacturers have already begun developing electric powertrains and have formed strategic partnerships with companies in Europe, the United States, and other parts of Asia. Taiwan’s motorcycle industry continues to grow tremendously

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