taigun: Volkswagen drives in Taigun and expects a 10% share of India’s medium-sized SUV market

German car major Volkswagen (VW) aims to hunt down about 10% of fast-growing medium-sized vehicles. SUV Market India A new model, Taigun, will be launched next year, according to company executives.The company will be on thursday Taigun Introductory price range of Rs 10.49-17.49lakh to undertake something like market leader Hyundai Crete And kia Seltos..

Taigun is VW’s first product in the India 2.0 project, with the goal of the VW Group to take the lead in 2018 with group company Skoda Auto and capture 5% of the Indian passenger car market by 2025. Announced.

The group also announced an investment of € 1 billion between 2019 and 2021 for the project.

Ashish Gupta, Brand Director of Volkswagen Passenger Car India, commented on the launch of Taigun, saying that India’s medium-sized SUV segment is a fast-growing segment with total annual sales of about 40,000 rupees. ..

“But from a very objective point of view, the customer’s choices are limited. After all, with two players now dominating, Taigun with basic Volkswagen DNA is high. We believe we can build a quality safety and enjoyable experience, which will certainly provide very good value propositions to our customers and ultimately grow the segment itself, “Gupta told PTI.

“I think we’ll be working together to grow the segment further,” VW emphasized that it doesn’t consider players already on the market to be competitors.

In June of this year, group company Skoda Auto India also entered this segment with the launch of Kushaq. Prices range from 10.5 to 17.6 larks (excluding the Delhi showroom).

When asked about VW’s expectations from the new model, Gupta said, “Our goal is to win at least a 10% share of India’s medium-sized SUV segment from next year onwards. Anyway, this year’s number one. At the end of the third quarter, this (target) will be applied next year. Frankly, we can sell more. ”

VW offers products such as hatchback polo and midsize sedans, but “it’s time to start looking at new segments, new opportunities and new growth segments in the Indian market. SUVs are definitely a trend in the Indian market. .. ”

Taigun’s medium-sized SUVs have grown very well over the years, and this will continue, he added. Growth segment … ”

Regarding the importance of Taigun, Mr. Gupta said, “From a brand perspective, this is an important moment for us. We are now back in large numbers again in the Indian market. In itself, the commitment of the VW brand. It shows very clearly. To the Indian market. ”

VW has spent the last three years planning, building and summarizing all its products, marketing and pricing strategies. The launch of Taigun “is the culmination of all the efforts of the last three years,” he added.

The VW Group’s India 2.0 project has always emphasized that it is a project of two brands, Skoda and VW, “If Volkswagen was not part of it, the project would not have been successful. , Taigun is the first branded product of our India 2.0 project. ”

Gupta told the media at launch that Taigun has already received strong feedback from customers with 12,221 pre-launch bookings so far.

Regarding Taigun’s localization, he added that the company owns up to 95% and some engine components will be imported, “localization is on top of that.”

Taigun has two petrol engine options. 1 liter and 1.5 liter manual and automatic transmissions.

It will be deployed from VW’s Pune plant with an annual production capacity of 20,000 rupees. We also develop products from Skoda, a group company. taigun: Volkswagen drives in Taigun and expects a 10% share of India’s medium-sized SUV market

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