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Swedish Tesla rival Einryde announces UK expansion, deal with PepsiCo

Swedish electric car maker Einride will supply two of its heavy-duty trucks to PepsiCo as part of its expansion into the UK.


Swedish electric car maker Einride pepsico Supplying electric trucks to transport Walkers chips in the UK

This is Einride’s first foray into the UK market, with two of its electric semi-trucks being sold to PepsiCo to transport goods from July, the company said. The deal gives Einride a foothold in the UK while furthering PepsiCo’s goal of decarbonizing its fleet business.

Stockholm-based Einride was founded in 2016. The aim is to replace the diesel engines that dominate the heavy lift business with electric and, eventually, self-driving trucks.

Appliance company GE Appliances Started testing Einride vehicles In October 2022, there will be no safety drivers on public roads in the United States. Einride said the UK vehicles will be driven by human operators.

Einride’s vehicles will compete with Tesla, which has its own line of semi-heavy duty electric trucks.Tesla Started delivery of large rigs It was made available to customers, including PepsiCo, in December after delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, battery supply issues, and more.

How it works in the UK

As part of its expansion in the UK, Einride will establish its own so-called freight mobility grid. CEO Robert Falck said the move will enable logistics partners to “optimize routes, improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions while providing real-time visibility and transparency into the delivery process. .”

Operating electric trucks to transport goods across countries at scale is a daunting task. Sufficient charging stations and other infrastructure should be provided to complete the entire journey without running out of battery.

While Einride has invested in other companies’ charging infrastructure, Falck said, it also uses its own software to find ways to get the most out of the vehicles it has deployed. This is different from traditional truckers, he said, explaining that the industry’s standard fill rate (i.e., the number of trucks used as a percentage of total inventory) is less than 30%. .

“So we’re looking at a transportation system that’s 6% efficient,” says Falck. “That means he is wasting 94% of the potential of the transportation system itself. .”

Unlike Tesla, which sells its own trucks, Einride’s trucks are built by partners such as Daimler and Scania, with a focus on in-vehicle technology development. Falk compared his own model to Apple’s. Apple designs his iPhone, but outsources manufacturing to his electronics manufacturer Foxconn.

Einride says its UK mobility grid will begin in central England, initially on a route from Leicester to Coventry and then extended along Britain’s busiest motorways connecting major cities. .

According to a statement, the company aims to cut more than 250,000 fossil fuel-powered miles per year and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 1,623 tonnes over three years, bringing the UK closer to net zero.

clock: The Tesla Semi is finally here Swedish Tesla rival Einryde announces UK expansion, deal with PepsiCo

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