SW-Motech Pro Seat Ring Review [Plus Pro Pocket Accessory Bag]

The Ultimate motorcycle Yamaha Tenere 700 Project Bike And I’m starting to calm down. I made additions, moves, and changes that I found to be better ride quality, more convenient, and more comfortable. I’ve added protective parts to prevent rocks, limbs, and inevitable laydowns from ruining my day.SW-Motech Pro Seat Ring Review: PriceI’ve noticed several combinations of dirt rides and street rides that I don’t always want to ride with a pannier. I don’t have enduro races, Some of the trails I’m riding The width is narrow, and the rear end is scraped with a brush and branches. Also, the Ténéré 700 is a nice looking naked bike that doesn’t always look like you’re on a tour or on the market. Still, I still want to have my important road repair items. SW-Motech Pro Yukon Waterproof 6L Tank Bag It’s ideal for open roads, and it’s okay to be in front of you with a light off-road load. If you’re doing technical single track riding, you’ll need to stand well ahead of what the Yukon tank bag allows. I leave it home and lightly pack my panniers for those vehicles. My ah moment happened when I remember seeing another mount on the SW-Motech site. The Pro Seat Ring is what I sometimes wanted to turn a Pro Yukon tank bag into a tail bag. The SW-Motech Pro Seat Ring is an integrated rally seat or mounting plate with straps around and under the pillion. Two-piece seat. Use the same quick release self-aligning ring that holds the tank bag in the gas tank. For $ 57, my tank bag can be exposed to the moonlight as a utility tail bag.SW-Motech Pro Seat Ring Review: For SaleThe SW-Motech Pro seat can be installed correctly without dropping four small nuts on the elastic concrete garage floor. Excluding hunting time, the kits came together in about 5 minutes. SW-Motech The products I’ve tested come with very easy-to-understand instructions, and the Pro Seat Ring is no exception. The Pro Seat Ring is not for off-road use, so strap it until you find the limits of your mounting system. It takes 30 seconds to move Yukon from the tank to the tail. Pull the red cord to remove the mount, lift it, and then lift it over the tailring to magically snap it into place. This is a simple solution that I feel gives me the utility of a tail bag without the need to purchase additional single-function luggage.SW-Motech Pro Seat Ring Review: Pro Yukon and Pro Pocket with accessory bagWhile researching the SW-Motech tail mount system, I found a Pro Pocket Accessory Bag ($ 65 MSRP). It is slightly smaller than 9 x 6 x 2 inches and has a carrying capacity of 1 liter. Semi-rigid zippered cases are organized, stored in one place and ready to use. It’s my wallet, watch, Somewear Global HotspotReading glasses, earplugs, cash, smartphone charging cable, etc., in a tight pack that can be easily removed from the host’s Pro Yukon bag and other luggage that accepts SW-Motech’s quick disconnect. T lock Also MOLLE Connection. The T-Lock connection is secure for street riding and up to 80 mph according to the instructions sheet. Not waterproof, SW-Motech includes a rain fly to keep your important parts dry.SW-Motech Pro Pocket Accessory Bag: Suggested retail price and priceThe T-Lock mechanism is tightly integrated with the MOLLE strap and requires a 90 degree rotation to loosen. However, it is the twist-on and twist-off plastic connections that do not have a complete lock-in-place detent. When using the Quick Disconnect T-Lock connector, use it only with the tank bag. This is because it can be monitored. For a secure and non-removable connection, the Pro Pocket can be attached with an integrated MOLLE strap, adding a secure additional liter of cargo capacity to your luggage. Ultimate motorcycle Thanks to the SW-Motech Pro seat ring, the Yamaha Ténéré 700 project bike allows you to reuse the Pro Yukon tank bag as a tail bag.

SW-Motech Pro Seat Ring Review, Pro Pocket Accessory Bag and Pro Yukon Tank Bag Photo Gallery SW-Motech Pro Seat Ring Review [Plus Pro Pocket Accessory Bag]

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