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Supercars shootout tweaks to avoid future controversy

In Townsville, the single-lap dash procedure was questioned when spinning Zane Goddard put the next driver, Shane van Gisbergen, at great risk.

Vangisbergen, who was doing the warm-up lap, was initially told to stop running after Goddard moved again and before the decision was overturned.

As a result, Bangisbergen was dissatisfied with officials as there was little tire pressure to start the lap and Kiwi passed the qualifying in 6th place.

Motorsport Australia has confirmed that the procedure will be considered. The results of that investigation are currently implemented in the rulebook.

Will Davison, Dick Johnson Racing

Photo: Mark Horsburgh, Edge Photographics

If there is a red flag on the shootout, the team must return to the pit lane. In the pit lane, with the approval of Adrian Burgess, the head of motorsport, the team can create an approved work list.

The new rules are as follows:

If you see a red flag: All cars will return to the pit lane

  • When the car returns to the pit bay, the race director will announce the time (about 5 minutes) before the car that has not completed the time lap will arrive at the pit exit and be able to resume the session.
  • Cars waiting their turn at the pit exit will be moved aside by an officer or team if permitted.

For cars that have not been given the opportunity to return to the pit lane and complete the time lap, each team will have the following options available, subject to the approval of the supercar’s motorsports manager.

  • Connect the jump battery
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Tire exchange
  • Add fuel
  • Other works that may be approved

If the incident is cleared at the specified time, the affected vehicle will resume the session and be released from the pit exit.

Actions taken under this procedure are not subject to protest.

“We worked closely with supercars to implement these changes in time for the next Repco Supercars Championship round,” said Michael Smith, director of motorsports and commercial operations at Motorsport Australia. I am.

“We know that red flags are rarely seen during the Top 10 shootouts, but these changes will be made to all drivers, teams, and officers in the event of such an incident. Provides a clear understanding of the procedure. “

Read again:

This is the second adjustment to this year’s shootout procedure after the corner cut rules have been modified to include cooldown laps in non-race sessions.

This corresponds to Camwaters dragging dirt onto the road after a weekend hot lap on Mount Panorama 500. Supercars shootout tweaks to avoid future controversy

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