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Supercars offer a first look at Gen3 V8 motors

The Australian series will debut tomorrow with a new digital series called Gen3 Unpacked. This takes fans behind the scenes of the ongoing development of next-generation vehicles.

The series is sponsored by Mark Larcam, who turned from a driver to a presenter, and the Teaser Video released today focuses on the new Ford and Chevrolet V8 engines.

The Teaser footage has been tested in the supercar’s own engine shop, so it’s the best time I’ve ever seen a less tense unit powering a new car.

Currently, new engine testing, parity, and final homologation work is underway, with development being carried out by the Ford side Mostec race engine and the Chevrolet side KRE race engine.

The Ford engine is a 5.4 liter version of the Aluminator crate engine, while the Chevy is a combination of components for creating a 5.7 liter V8.

The Chevrolet was the first engine to cut the actual lap and Completed some test runs attached to the TA2 test mule..

According to Larcam, this video series will bring fans better contact with Gen3 rules in front of them. Plan to introduce in mid-2022..

“I personally think that if anything happens, supercar fans will be really pleased to see the level of work and the level of integrity behind the work,” Larcam said on the official supercar website. Told to.

‚ÄúThere’s a lot of some of the most impressive work we’ve ever seen, from speeding up engines to matching parity to developing chassis and aero parts.

“I left there more than I expected in other ways.

“One of the lines I used was,’Do you know what the stand changes? Not much’.

“Cool; a big muscular car is coming and a big muscular engine is coming.

“Big, tough, rugged, loud, powerful race car, and now more relevant than our hometown because the engine with components and architecture works with its own hero car. Is getting higher. “ Supercars offer a first look at Gen3 V8 motors

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