Stainless Boeing 777 hits boarding bridge and suffers wing damage

brand new Boeing 777-300ER KLM’s airline suffered wing damage after being connected to one of the airport’s boarding gates and then colliding with an improperly removed boarding bridge.

The bad news is the three-month-old Boeing 777, whose damaged aircraft recently joined KLM’s fleet, and the incident is a jet bridge on the left, as you can see in a photo posted on Twitter by JACDEC.

Fortunately, on the other hand, only a small amount of damage was actually recorded, and in theory it is possible that the new Boeing returned to duty fairly quickly.

“”The KLM Boeing 777-300 (PH-BVV, built in 2020) suffered minor damage during a pushback at Schiphol Airport (EHAM) in the Netherlands. You can see that the adjacent “Abio Bridge” was not properly removed,JACDEC tweeted on April 23rd.

“”On April 22, a Boeing 777 crashed into the bridge during pushback, but was in a low position due to a breakdown. This caused minor damage to the wing of the aircraft. This damage is currently being repaired,KLM Spokesperson Reportedly Confirmed.

Although this particular aircraft is brand new, the Boeing 777-300ER actually joined KLM’s fleet in 2004. Since then, airlines have expanded their lineup. Boeing 777 There are more than 27 aircraft, 14 of which are 300ER models that look like they have hit a boarding bridge.

The 300ER has ample space to accommodate more than 408 passengers and has a maximum takeoff weight of 351,543 kg / 775,019 lbs. It can travel up to 12,000 km (6,479 nmi) and is said to have a cruising speed of 920 kph (571 mph or 496 kts). Stainless Boeing 777 hits boarding bridge and suffers wing damage

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