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Spin’s new “tough” electric scooter looks like a beast

Spin has announced the new flagship electric scooter scooter, the Spin S-100T. The “T” means “tough”, which is exactly what a scooter looks like.

The scooter was designed in-house by Spin’s team and will be rolled out on Sacramento Street this summer before it will be widely launched nationwide later this year.

The S-100T electric scooter is designed as a very sturdy scooter. This is a must-have for shared vehicles that lead a fairly tough life on the road.

The cable is completely enclosed inside the scooter, with multiple handles built into the scooter’s frame and stem, as well as a lock.

Spin even says that the new S-100T scooter is designed to go beyond what most scooter makers offer in their rugged models.

As CTO Benny Wong explained,

“We make the S-100T safe and durable in the most extreme environments we can think of, beyond what most electric scooter manufacturers do, beyond what is required to pass certification. I’ve done a sexual test. I think an unreliable scooter is a scooter that you can’t ride. With that in mind, like any other vehicle, the Spin S-100T works at the highest level regardless of conditions. I guaranteed it. “ Spin’s new “tough” electric scooter looks like a beast

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