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Someone has already replaced the live axle with a new Ford Bronco

Live Axle simply refuses to die. Rugged, heavy and simple, they have been the flagship of serious off-road rigs for decades. Even when more modern platforms switch to independent front suspensions, traditionalists know what they like.To that end, a stubborn builder at Pacific Northwest is working on modifying Ford’s new Bronco with a working front-end suspension setup. The old-fashioned way.

NS The build begins with the complete disposal of the new Bronco’s original Independent Front Suspension (IFS). Instead, a live axle donated by the Ford Super Duty Truck is designated. To install the axle, Builder Kyle, Instagram @delfab__Manufactured a radius arm setup under the front end of the vehicle.Although they are considered inferior in some respects More complex 4-link design, Kyle called for a limited room under the truck.

The original rear axle has also been discarded. Like the front axle, it comes from Ford Super Duty, but Kyle doesn’t specifically specify which exact parts are used. We will contact you for clarification and update appropriately. It also has hydraulic steering in advance, which is a typical modification of live axle off-road vehicles with huge tires and a large suspension lift. The truck is set to win 40-inch Mickey Thompson Bajapro XS tires for a properly chunky off-road look.

There is 9.5 inch suspension travel available on average looking rigs, equipped with a 2.5 inch fox coilover. Supported by a forklift, Kyle will see the difference between the new setup and the Bronco articulation equipped with it. Original stock suspension. The contrast is day and night.. Improved articulation is the biggest benefit of switching to a live axle setup. This can be a huge benefit in situations where rock crawling is difficult. Adding flex allows the vehicle to secure its wheels to the ground for better traction.

However, there are drawbacks to the live axle design. Steering components are exposed and can be easily damaged, and road manners are usually inferior to IFS setups. IFS setups are often desirable for high-speed work on dirt roads and sand, giving the driver better control in these situations.

As with any engineering decision, there are generally trade-offs in both directions. Kyle said he had some fever online, but he wasn’t enthusiastic about his quest. His local springboard is full of deep ruts and difficult rocks, and it’s a kind of terrain that appreciates the benefits of the axles he lives on. He doesn’t knock on the original IFS design and actually owns the Stock Bronco in addition to what he’s modifying. However, he also enjoys live axle builds and finds both approaches worthwhile.

In a live axle setup, the stance that results from the track is impressive, to say the least. This project is a SEMA build and should give an average impression on the Las Vegas floor this November.While Ford is still Difficult to produce Bronco, We are fully expecting to see many modified examples at the show. They need to bring a powerful game to get into the limelight.

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