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Solectrac launches new 70HP, 60kWh electric tractor for $ 75,000

Solectrac, the developer of electric tractors, has announced that the e70N tractor is now available for sale. Solectrac recently delivered 70 horsepower diesel-equivalent tractors to three farms in Northern California as part of a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Control Area Emission Reduction Demonstration Program (FARMER) Funding Agricultural Alternatives.

Solectrac is a developer of electric tractors founded in Northern California with the goal of keeping farmers independent of fossil fuel-related pollution, infrastructure and price fluctuations.

Electrek Later first reported on Solectrac Donated a compact electric tractor (CET) Became a non-profit organization of Jack Johnson on Oahu, Hawaii.

Last June, the company reported that it was 100% acquired by Ideanomics. Previously a small number of owners..

Solectrac has introduced a third electric tractor currently available to its customers with additional capital investment from Ideanomics to promote technological turmoil in the agricultural industry.

Solectrac launches new e70N electric tractor

of Press release The company is now able to purchase the e70N tractor, an electric 70 horsepower “narrow” tractor. This tractor was previously listed on the Solectrac website as the next model that is now beginning to arrive at the farm.

This 4WD narrow electric tractor is designed for larger agricultural work compared to other Solectrac models such as farms, orchards and vineyards. The e70N can operate for up to 8 hours on a single charge via a 60kWh battery.

You also have the option to add a replaceable 60kWh battery pack for an additional $ 18,000. Mani Iyer, CEO of Solectrac, said:

The e70N is another breakthrough product of Solectrac’s innovative electric tractors, this time focusing on the operation of rugged farms and vineyards on a commercial level. Zero-emission electric tractors in this category are in high demand as many farmers aim to reduce emissions and noise pollution, but they are still easier to operate, larger and more powerful vehicles. Is required. With replaceable battery pack technology, the e70N was designed to meet the needs of these customers. The unique and multifaceted new model will allow Solectrac to gain market share and compete very well with medium and large tractors in both agricultural and commercial tractor segments.

The first e70N tractor has already been delivered to three separate farms in California as part of a $ 514,688 grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Control District.

their FARMER Demonstration Program It covers up to 80% of the cost for farmers to replace diesel tractors with zero-emission alternatives to demonstrate feasibility for the industry to recognize.

The Solectrac e70N costs $ 74,999 before the $ 18,000 replaceable battery add-on mentioned above.

Bookings require a $ 1,000 discount and delivery continues throughout the year. New orders will be delivered in the spring of 2022.

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