“Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins” Electric Bike Overview

If you’ve been in the theater in the last few weeks, you may have seen a new action movie.Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins.

43% of Rotten Tomatoes … not so bad, but you know that’s not the reason we’re writing this.

Snake Eyes & co. I’m more interested in beautiful electric machines. I used to run around the neo-teric alleys of Tokyo.

The electric bike features a beautiful bubble cap headpiece, a line of cafe racers, electric technology and a smooth one-piece fairing that gives us a hint. Energica awakening, BMW R9T’s new futuristic mods and dashes MV Agusta Super Velos..

Side view of the bicycle in the 2021 action movie

I had no choice but to drool and dig.

There may not be an honest answer, but there is something in both the brand and the origin of the movie bike.

Exhibit A: End credit.

Rear view of a motorcycle rider in the new action movie

In the final stages of the movie’s end credit rolldown, Chris Pass is listed under the Motorcycle tab.

Chris Paz is Energica’s US Service Manager.

With just one or two clicks, you’ll find the following models that are most similar to movie machines: Eva, Evocation, When ego..

Side view of Energica Evoque
Side view of Energica awakening

There is one more piece of information.

Not so many, but intriguing – the internet has put out photos To be the rest of the motorcycle in the movie Energica received’Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins.

A state of the bicycle used in the 2021 action movie

The film crew apparently used 20 bikes for production, but the company left three for promotional purposes, the rest for action scenes as needed, and returned to Energica for repair or disposal. did.

Here are some of the conversations:
“They took off the car and built it themselves. They also saved 20 seconds, so instead of unplugging, they chopped up all the AC lines in the tail leading to the onboard charger.”

In essence, Energica handed the bike to the production crew. The production crew modified the machine until it was barely recognizable until the bike’s head, body, and tail were seamlessly created.

View of characters leaving a Japanese house in an action movie "Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins"

Anyway, we love the results and look forward to new updates coming out on this aesthetic bike in the near future.

Disclaimer: All information collected in this article is public knowledge found in various forums on the Internet. There were no leaks in WebBikeWorld from any company involved in action movies.Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins. “Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins” Electric Bike Overview

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