Slow rider excuse

Every group of riders has people who are slower than the others, which can be embarrassing for you … unless you have a good excuse!

When riding with other motorcycle Giano in a new model press release, I’m slower than most others, so it’s usually the last.

It should be noted that many of them are former racers.

So when I enter a scheduled stop a few minutes after someone else, I usually have a good excuse for being late.

My favorite excuse is “I stopped taking pictures of my bike at the magnificent observatory about 5km behind.”

Other Gianos often nod as if that was a plausible reason. But after a while it gets thinner, so over the years I’ve come up with a few other things.

When I ride with my buddies, I’m usually one of the fastest, and it’s someone else who comes up with an excuse for being the last scheduled stop at the time.

So I heard given a fair share of the good and bad excuses of being a slow rider.

You may recognize some of the excuses on this list, and you welcome using them:

I had to stop comfortably.

That’s a plausible excuse, especially for men who can relieve themselves anywhere.

I thought I should be the last Charlie.

A suspicious excuse unless the vehicle is badly organized.

There was some electrical failure and the engine kept running down.

The problem with this is that your group’s backyard mechanics try to solve the problem, or worse, they suggest riding your bike to solve it. You can back it up with “It looks better again”. However, there are no excuses left.

I enjoyed the scenery so much that I had to absorb it slowly.

It’s a good excuse only if the scenery is really nice.

Has anyone encountered a mob (insert wildlife or livestock here)?

This is a great excuse, as other riders start anecdotes about their misfortunes with stray livestock and wildlife and forget how boring your excuses are.

I’m sorry, I was fined for speeding last week, but I’m down to 1 point, so I’m comfortable for a while.

It’s an accepted and commonly used excuse, but it has a time limit and eventually needs to be paced again.

Are there any other excuses you would like to share? Please leave a comment below.

When you finally run out of excuses, it’s time to train your riders or find another group of riders! Slow rider excuse

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