Shippers ready to fight truck driver overtime in Congress

The law, which aims to secure overtime pay for truck drivers, has been scrutinized by a major group of shippers who plan to fight fiercely if the bill begins to gain momentum.

The Guarantee overtime under the Tracker ActIs D-Mich in April. Introduced by Congressman Andy Levin of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to abolish the exemption of car carriers. This exemption excludes many drivers from overtime protection.

“Truck drivers across the country are faced with cruel working conditions characterized by inadequate wages and long hours,” Levin commented when he submitted the bill.

“Despite their tireless work, truck drivers do not receive overtime pay for overtime hours. As a result, the truck industry faces very high turnover rates and truck drivers are in their jobs. We can’t keep up with the thankful demands. We are all in a position to benefit when the truck driver is paid for what he is renting. “

The Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association and the Truck Safety Union (TSC) are key supporters of the bill and currently have eight co-sponsors (seven Democrats and one Republican).

The National Industrial Transportation League (NITL), whose member companies are a major customer in the truck industry, does not expect the bill to gain much momentum. But “if something happens, we’re confident we can move pretty quickly to mitigate it at Capitol Hill,” said Anwarner, head of NITL’s government affairs, on Tuesday for group traffic. I spoke at the summit. “We will continue to monitor and respond as necessary.”

Jeff Tucker, chairman of the NITL Highway Commission and CEO of the freight brokerage company Tucker Company Worldwide, sees the law as a “potential threat.” Progress towards deregulation of the cargo environment. “

In addition, if the bill is passed, “theoretically, the driver would have to be paid a lot of time that isn’t currently paid, which isn’t sustainable,” said Avery Vice, vice president of trucks for transportation consultants. I am saying. FTR who gave a lecture at the conference.

However, it is indirectly safe to raise wages, as Levin and safety advocates who support the bill are unlikely to feel the need to speed up or continue working when the driver feels tired. Also says to improve.

“If truck labor is fair, I think there will be less driver fatigue, regulatory breaches and lower crash rates,” Levin said in a TSC-sponsored webinar earlier this month. “So it will prevent many of these tragedy that happens when truck drivers are forced to work too long.”

Levin admitted that his bill would be pushed back and that it would be difficult to move legislation in the current parliament. “Washington is flooded with lobbyists and people trying to protect their monitored interests,” he said. But “I haven’t encountered many oppositions yet, and it seems to have a wide range of appeal.”

He was motivated to introduce the bill, Supply Chain Vulnerability Report Issued by the US Department of Transportation in February, it urged Congress to abolish the FLSA motor carrier exemption.

“The report affected us. My staff [Biden] Administrative staff, and we would like to move this law forward with their help. “

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