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In today’s episode Dooner When Man Talking to Xeneta CEO and co-founder Patrick Berylund About the data behind the transportation crisis. How long will shippers, like squid game contestants, fight each other for their abilities?

Roth Kennedy, Founder of Fortis Analysis, broke supply chain myths and conspiracy theories.

Mike Wilson, CEO of Consolidated Chassis Management provides up-to-date information on the state of chassis in the United States. How terrible is the shortage?

Ryan ShriverCarrierDirect’s Engagement Director tells us which companies he’s excited about this year’s FreightTech 100. Who received this year’s vote?

In addition, the White House has announced goals for the Supply Chain Disruption Task Force. A semi-megacharger found in Giganebada. The coil rolls down behind the cicada. Fast food sends corporate workers to the cashier. And the perfect peanut butter to jelly ratio.

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