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Sheden defeats Cook at the finale

The three Scottish champions kicked out the Team Dynamics Honda Civic Type R in 1.545 seconds on the opening lap, improving by more than 2 seconds by the end of the second lap and extending the margin by more than 3 seconds. , Finished in 2.528 seconds. front.

It was a powerful comeback for Shedden, who suffered suspension damage from a collision with Ashley Sutton in the opening race. After that, I fought to 12th place and the critical reverse grid pole in Race 2.

He was helped by Antic behind on the opening lap.Sheden’s brother-in-law Rory Butcher passed it Tom chilton I went around the outside on the first turn and then tried to emulate that movement Stephen Jerry..

However, Butcher and Jerry ran hard to cut the chicane, and Butcher rejoined directly behind him. Josh Cook..

Butcher then retreated and allowed Cook back, but Shedden had already taken a break.

“I looked in the mirror at the exit of Turn 2 and was 50 or 100 meters away. It was a cruise to the end,” Sheden said. “They all got along with each other, but this was one of the times when the card fell into your way.

“My car was great all weekend, so I was very disappointed in Race 1. I thought the weekend was ruined.

“I think we should have been more today. We were in a position to score high in all three races, but at least rescued something.”

Gordon Shedden, Halfords Racing with Cataclean Honda Civic Type R

Photo: JEP / Motorsport image

Throughout the weekend, Cook suffers from linear speed with his BTC Racing Honda, which uses the TOCA customer engine instead of the dynamics Civic and bespoke Neil Brown Honda unit.

But he used a great racecraft to dodge the Toyota Corolla of Butcher (also with TOCA) from Speedworks Motorsport second.

This included Butcher diving inside the tower on lap two, but Toyota ran a lot and Cook returned to the front at the exit.

Butcher, in turn, strangled Jerry’s West Surrey Racing BMW 330eM Sport, but took the podium with Leicester’s man behind him.

Jerry’s teammate Jake hill When Colin Turkington It was next.Hill had to fight beyond the Laser Tool Racing Infiniti Q50 Aiden MoffatAfter that, I made a pit stop with a flapping bonnet.

By the time Hill did this, the top four had disappeared all the time, but he and Turkinton involved them towards the finish.

Dan Lowbottom was supposed to be next at his Dynamics Honda, but punk caused his late retirement and promoted a new series leader. Tom Ingram (Excelr8 Motorsport Hyundai i30 N) came in 7th place, reducing the advantage over Cook to 3 points.

Tom Ingram, Bristol Street Motors with Hyundai i30N

Tom Ingram, Bristol Street Motors with Hyundai i30N

Photo: JEP / Motorsport image

Top 10 completed by Dan Camish (Motor Base Ford Focus), Chilton (Excelr8 Hyundai) and Adam Morgan (Ciceley Motorsport BMW).

The winner of the Opening 2 race, Dunroid, struggled in 11th place with the Excelr8 Hyundai overheated engine.

Ash Sutton was forced to make a long pit stop due to damage to the Motorbase Ford suspension plate due to contact with Chilton on lap three.

BTCC Croft-Race 3 Results Sheden defeats Cook at the finale

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