Senator Young Champions Truck Labor Supply in Infrastructure Bill

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Washington — The main sponsor of a program that paves the way for commercial driver license holders under the age of 21 to drive commercial vehicles in interstate commerce, optimistic about the possibility of his proposal passing the US Senate. ..

Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.), Lead sponsor of the DRIVE Safe Act, said he hopes his colleagues at the Chamber of Commerce will pursue truck-centric measures as part of the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill. rice field.

Introduced this year, Young’s DRIVE Safe Act aims to enhance training for drivers under the age of 21 and enable them to drive trucks across state boundaries. It aims to address the industry-wide shortage of truck drivers. Apprenticeship training for safety standards and performance guidelines contained in the Senate Infrastructure Bill requires a total of 400 hours of trial training.

A driving instructor with students in the cab. (Brenny Specialized Inc.)

Senate leadership announced this month that the Chamber of Commerce plans to vote on a comprehensive infrastructure bill. Voting for the bill was not announced prior to the Transport Topics publication schedule.

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“It’s put together as part of this bipartisan infrastructure package and is so popular with both Republicans and Democrats that I think we can survive the entire legislative process, August 3rd. He told TT that he is a member of the Commercial Commission that oversees federal cargo. Policy.

“This is a top priority for our logistics industry and many of our customers. Currently, we can’t find enough drivers. It creates a huge backlog of orders and is actually reducing certain business models. Therefore, this needs to be mitigated, “continued Senator. “The DRIVE SafeAct is what I advocated, even before the pandemic, as our logistics industry needs it and offers young Americans incredible career opportunities. “

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The DRIVE Safe Act for a Vibrant Economy was approved as part of a multi-year highway policy bill review by the Commerce Committee this summer. In a statement to TT, Bill Sullivan, executive vice president of advocacy at the American Trucking Associations, said the workforce regulations “on the road to the middle class of young Americans while increasing safety and training standards. It will help to make it. “

“We are pleased to include a pilot driver apprenticeship program modeled after the bipartisan DRIVE Safe Act in the Senate’s infrastructure bill. Training and safety skills are important to road safety.”

Support show

Co-sponsor of the DRIVE Safe Act in the Senate:

• Tom Cotton (R-Ark.)

• Jim Inhofe (Republican)

• Angus King, Maine

• Joe Manchin (DW.Va.)

• Jerry Moran (R-Kan.)

• Kyrsten Cinema (D-Arizona)

• John Tester (D-Mont.)

According to ATA analysis, driver shortages are expected to increase due to driver retirement and increased domestic freight demand. Over the next decade, ATA has decided that the trucking industry will need to hire about 1.1 million new drivers to keep up with demand.

“More than ever, young Montanas need more opportunities to receive comprehensive vocational training, access higher-paying jobs and advance their careers early on,” said John Tester (D- Mont.) Said earlier this year. “This bipartisan bill does just that, allowing young truck drivers to get the best apprentices to start their careers, while at the same time relying almost exclusively on thousands of communities across Big Sky. A truck for moving goods in and out of the state that provides a great boost. “

On the House of Representatives, Trey Hollingsworth (Republican) introduced the companion law.

“Please drive carefully [Act] “It creates more career opportunities for hard-working Hoogers to join the growing 21st century economic workforce,” Hollingsworth said. “The bill also grows qualified employees and breaks down the barriers of small businesses that want to hire.”

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