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Senator anti-solar state law failed and now targets county zoning law – pv Magazine USA

Kansas Senator Mike Thomas has tried several laws in his state that are considered anti-solar. We also shared false information about the health and economic implications of renewable energy.

Earlier this year, Kansas (R) Senator Mike Thompson introduced a new law requiring solar and wind facilities to be built only on industrially partitioned land. About half of the state’s 105 counties are not zoned in rural areas, so the bill could effectively freeze the state’s renewable energy growth. Kansas already uses a significant amount of renewable energy compared to other states, and the Energy Information Association says that 44% of Kansas’ operations in 2020 will be powered by renewable energy. I am reporting.

Kimberly Svati, a public policy consultant at Kansas Power, said: An alliance that represents the state’s clean energy industry.

Thompson is now targeting county-level zoning legislation to combat clean energy development, as the law did not find support from other legislators. He is targeting Thompson and Johnson counties and is trying to severely limit the zones open to development.

Barbarakar, a founding member of the state’s anti-solar group trying to thwart Nextera Energy’s utility-scale solar projects in two counties, made a mistake on her group’s website about solar. A video with information was posted, and Senator Thompson said it was widespread. Similar incorrect message.

“It’s just terrible,” Carr says of the video. “They are just counterfacts and should not be on the website.”

Anti-solar groups make false claims, such as solar farms that create “heat islands” that are harmful to nearby livestock. They claim that solar cells are China’s attempt to undermine the United States, and that solar panels contaminate groundwater even though they are made of harmless materials such as silicon, aluminum, and steel. increase. Solar developers need to invest in advance for the final decommissioning of the project, but anti-solar groups mistakenly claim that landowners and taxpayers stick to paying for the process.

Kerr expressed disgust with the operational information, but agreed with the group’s decision to continue viewing the video. “It’s important not to judge and censor practical solar content / opinions provided by citizens. If we become judges and juries, we’re on the wrong path.” Said the group in an email statement.

Republican Senator Mike Thompson.
Image: Kansas Parliament

Thompson also provided false information to the public. He argued that wind farms have serious health consequences for people living near turbines. He also invited witnesses to testify that solar energy developers are free to rob family-owned farms, even though they do not have the power to expropriate land.

and opinion Works for Kansas City Star, Stephen Clark, a photovoltaic engineer with 42 years of experience, said: However, renewable energy has been successfully integrated for 20 years into the Southwest Powerpool, which serves Kansas and 16 other states. The highest renewable energy peak in the pool supplied 87.5% of the electricity used on May 8, 2021. Intermittent renewable energy does not cause power outages. “

Clark went on to write that Senator Thompson’s irreproducible policies violated the core political beliefs of his own small government. Despite claiming a strong position as a freelancer, Thompson is actively using the government to prevent market participation.

Clark said: They claim that solar farms require large amounts of land, but ignore the vast footprint of traditional power plants with associated coal mining, gas wells, pipelines and railroads. They exaggerate the minor environmental impacts of renewable energy, but ignore the very harmful impacts of fossil fuel power plants, including carbon emissions from climate warming. “

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