Self-managed sensor system that reduces theft and improves safety

Fleet safety often relies on quality sensors and surveillance systems. Common problems with fleets include theft, unsafe driving, and undetectable vehicle damage. Many companies are embarking on building newer, more autonomous sensor systems as solutions. One of the leading innovation companies in this area is Ridecell, which specializes in creating systems for reviewing connectivity and raw data.

Ridecell’s digital transformation software is used to power major fleets in Europe and North America, including Arval, Renault, Car Share and KINTO in Toyota Sweden. The latest cloud-based platform (called the Fleet Internet of Things (IoT)) aims to use sensor data to improve fleet automation and mobility solutions. This data provides insights such as alerting the fleet manager that the vehicle needs new brake pads before fleet information and dangerous real-time alerts from sensors.

“We have focused on getting information from the systems that manage the sensors. We will intercept it and turn it into something that allows the vehicle to self-manage,” the Ridecell Alliance and Mark Thomas, Vice President of Marketing, said. Self-managed sensor system that reduces theft and improves safety

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