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See how to escape from Tesla Models S, 3, X, Y in an emergency

This is an interesting overview and a comparison of how to open the door Tesla A car in case of an accident if standard methods do not work. For cars, the main source of this information is the manual.

DÆrik Provides videos for all Tesla models (S, 3, X, Y). Another way to open the door in an emergency is different between versions, and front and rear.

Models 3 and Y have buttons that open the door and lower the frameless window. If it doesn’t work (power is off), there is a manual lever (front door only). At least some versions of Model Y may have a mechanical release cable on the back.

“The car manual clearly shows how to do this. This video describes S, 3, X, and Y.

Some early Model Y manuals state that there is a manual release in the rear door pocket. However, that part is not included in the Model Y manual. Therefore, it may have been deleted. Is it in the car? “

The Model S has a mechanical release cable under the rear bench. The front door works the same without a power source (mechanical).

On the Model X, there is a mechanical release cable on the door (the rear door feels heavy when opened manually). The front is mechanical like an S.

If the door does not open in either direction (standard or alternative), the next step is to escape from the trunk (using a mechanical release cable if available) or window. The ultimate solution is to break the windows, but some windows are laminated (new model 3 / Y front window).

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