Schneider suspends Canadian operations

Schneider National plans to close its Canadian-based business and sell a single terminal in Ontario, the company said Friday.

A truck and logistics company based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, said the closure will affect about 150 people, including drivers and other personnel based in Guelph, Ontario. The company plans to close operations by the end of March.

“Despite years of dedication and best efforts, Canada-based businesses do not fit into Schneider’s long-term strategic focus,” the company said in a statement. “This decision was difficult.”

A spokesman for a company refused to elaborate on why he decided to withdraw from Canada.However, the spokesperson said that the vaccine Cross-border truck driver Like the Canadian airlines regulated by the federal government, it was not taken into account in the decision.

Schneider (NYSE: SNDR) We will continue to serve our Canadian customers through our cross-border services based in the United States. The company plans to move trucks and other equipment to the United States.

Schneider’s Canadian business, which provides truck loading services, is a small part of that business. The company generated $ 1.1 billion in revenue, excluding fuel surcharges in the third quarter.

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