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Saudi Arabian female racer Jufali launches sports car team targeting Le Mans

Jufari, who spent her formation to race in a British junior single-seater, tossed Theeba Motorsport for an attack on this year’s GT Open International Series at the Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo shared with Adam Christodoulou. Established.

Racing under a Saudi Arabian license, Theeba will make his debut at Paul Ricard this weekend in his second GT Open Round of the year.

The team was unable to make it to the first round in Estril earlier this month, so Jufari and Christo Drow raced Merck, run by SPS Automotive, under the flag of Theeba.

After racing in the UK F4 in 2019-20 and in the GB3 Championship (formerly BRDC Formula 3) in 2021, 30-year-old Jufy explains that he is focusing on sports car racing and the realization of Le Mans’ dreams. Did.

“I joined motorsport shortly after my life, so I decided that quick tracking of the single-seater I was learning was the best way to do it,” Jufari told autosport.

“But endurance racing has always been a goal. Since last year, I’ve made some progress and I feel that single-seaters have served that goal.

“In the future, Le Mans is my goal.”

Reema Juffali shares with AMG racer Adam Christodoulou

Photo: Theeba Motorsport

Jufari decided to set up the Theeba team after making his sports car debut at the Dubai 24 Hour in January on a SPS-run Merck.

“That prompted me to set up a team,” she explained.

The team wasn’t ready for Estril because of Theeba’s short gestation period, which is active outside Banbury’s grounds near Silverstone. In Estril, Jufali and Chistdrow won Pro-Am in each of the two races.

Jufari has not set a timeline for graduating from Le Mans at Theeba.

“It’s definitely five years, but I can’t give you the exact time,” she said.

“It can take up to three years, depending on the progress of the team.”

She revealed that the team is already competing in endurance races such as the Spa 24 Hours and Dubai’s 24 Hours.

Jufari explained that he was also motivated to set up a team to “improve access to Saudi Arabia’s representatives and motorsports.”

“The reason I started the team was because people, especially the Saudis, contacted me and asked how I could get involved in motorsport. What’s your advice?” She said.

Jufari hopes that Theeba Motorsport will be composed primarily of Saudi Arabians in the future.

Jufari hopes that Theeba Motorsport will be composed primarily of Saudi Arabians in the future.

Photo: Theeba Motorsport

“I always felt that I couldn’t give the right guidance because I didn’t have the right answer. The team started from there because I want to return something.

“The overall idea of ​​the team is to take Saudi Arabia on a journey and provide a platform for learning and understanding sports.”

Jufari outlined the hope that one day the team would consist primarily of Saudi Arabians.

In addition to the European stage, Theeba plans to establish a second base in the Middle East to carry out regional programs.

“In the future, we want to combine programs with Middle Eastern and international or European programs,” she said.

“We want to offer Saudi Arabia an opportunity near their home.”

Juffali explained that Theeba is currently funded primarily “from family and friends” but is contacting sponsors in the Middle East to promote team growth.

The team is named after Jufari’s teenage nickname. This is roughly interpreted as her wolf.

Jufari was able to start the race in 2017 following a royal decree permitting women to drive from a Saudi Arabian ruling family. Saudi Arabian female racer Jufali launches sports car team targeting Le Mans

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