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Russell Foam does not change the 2022 Botta taste

Mercedes will promote Valtteri Bottas from Williams to drive with Hamilton next season, or keep Valtteri Bottas unchanged since Nico Rosberg’s shocking departure It’s not yet clear what to choose at the end of 2016.

Russell and Bottas Staying silent about progress on Mercedes’ decision Hamilton said when F1 reunited for the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend after summer vacation Emphasized that his work relationship with Bottas was “better than ever”However, he said he would support the phone calls made by his team.

Hamilton regularly hinted that he wanted to maintain the unchanged lineup until 2022, the first year of the two-season contract Mercedes signed in July.Make sure you need to change“.

When asked if Russell still feels the same about the possibility of replacing Botta After Williams driver took a shocking second place in qualifying at the spaBottas will start in 13th place after being penalized for causing the first crash at the start of the Hungarian race in 8th place, Hamilton replied:

“That is, George has done a great job all year long. This doesn’t really change anything.

“I’m sure he’s putting pressure on him, just as Valtteri does his job. And it’s great to see him deliver. You can’t blame him. . “

Russell spoke with Hamilton and Spa Paul Winner Max Verstappen at a post-qualifying press conference about the importance of achieving the best results at key stages of his F1 career, but in the current situation. Regardless, “Run 120% every weekend.”

Paulman’s Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) and George Russell (Williams) congratulate each other on the parc ferme

Photo: Mark Sutton / Motorsport image

“I think Formula 1 is a pretty ruthless sport,” said Russell, who finished a drift of just 0.321 seconds in Verstappen’s pole acquisition time.

“There are only 20 drivers in the world, and there are probably more drivers who deserve to be in F1.

“So, regardless of my personal experience in these contract negotiations, at this point, keep showing what you can do and stay on the throttle, because young people will come to your seat. is. .

“You can never be satisfied.”

Third-placed Spa Qualifying Hamilton also shared his thoughts on the “difficult for everyone” wet qualifying, which started late due to rain before the session. Lando Norris raised the red flag for more than 40 minutes after the crash in Alouge At the start of Q3 after breaking through Q1 and Q2.

“These guys did a great job in the final stages,” Hamilton continued, talking about Verstappen and Russell.

“Q3, the first lap was okay, but it was difficult for everyone.

“I’m really happy to see Rand okay. He was looking incredibly fast.

“I think he might have been here with us and maybe squeezed me.

“He was at a great pace today. [and] I hope he will return to the road tomorrow. “ Russell Foam does not change the 2022 Botta taste

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