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Ronaldo’s trip to Ferrari to get Monza SP2 is causing serious friction

As Taylor Swift eloquently says, those who dislike it will dislike it. And last week, Cristiano Ronaldo was disgusted by the fact that he was assigned to the “very special” Ferrari Monza SP2.

According to Spanish sports publications So, They don’t hate technically. Ronaldo’s Juventus teammates stopped practicing last Monday and are angry that they were able to stop by Ferrari and pick up a new car themselves. They also believe that this is evidence that he is favored by club president Andrea Agnelli.

As I reported last week Ronaldo dropped in at Ferrari headquarters It looked like an official business trip on Monday. He was accompanied by Agneri and Exo Chairman and CEO John Elkann, who met with race drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr., as well as Ferrari staff. While Ronaldo and Agnelli were touring Ferrari’s grounds, the rest of the Juventus team were training after an embarrassing match against AC Milan (they lost 3-0).

While there, Ronaldo reportedly ordered or picked up his latest addition to his fleet: Ferrari Monza SP2 so “Very special” Red that can only be obtained by invitation. He paid 1.6 million euros ($ 1.93 million) for the car. It’s far from buying his most expensive car, but it’s arguably one of the most eye-catching.

If Ronaldo did Buy monza, And that’s the big “what if” right there, but he hasn’t said anything about it on social media yet. If he had already got it, few would bend like him, so he probably posted at least his shot on a Barchetta-style vehicle.

But from that sound, his Juventus buddies don’t seem to care if he really used his business trip to pursue personal affairs. He should have trained with them, and he wasn’t because he was too busy sightseeing at Ferrari headquarters. Ronaldo’s trip to Ferrari to get Monza SP2 is causing serious friction

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