Rolls-Royce all-electric aircraft set new speed records

Rolls-Royce has tested the new all-electric aircraft. This could be the fastest aircraft of this type in the world.

The Spirit of Innovation aircraft achieved a top speed of 387.4mph / 623.45kph in one of three test runs in Wiltshire. This is considered a new world record.

At a distance of 1.9 miles (3 km), the all-electric plane reached a top speed of 345.4 mph. After that, it reached 330mph in 9.3 miles (15km).

Aerospace Company Rolls-Royce, Rolls Royce According to the automaker, the company’s aircraft traveled more than 132mph faster than the previous record set by the Extra 330 LE Aerobatic with Siemens eAircraft in 2017.

The Derby-based company also claims to have broken the record for the fastest climb to 3000 meters by an electric plane in 60 seconds, with a recorded time of 202 seconds.

The Spirit of Innovation battery is 400kW and the output is less than 500bhp. Rolls-Royce says this is the most power-dense propulsion battery pack ever assembled in aerospace.

The test flight was conducted by Phil Odel, Test Pilot and Operations Director. He states: “It is an important opportunity to fly the spirit of innovation at these incredible speeds and believe that we have broken the world record for all-electric flight.

“This is a highlight of my career and an incredible achievement for the whole team.”

Warren East, CEO of Rolls-Royce, said:

“After the world has focused on the need for action at COP26, this is another milestone that will help achieve’jet zero’, leaving society out of air, land and sea transport. We support our ambition to realize the innovations needed to carbonize. “

Rolls-Royce has submitted data to the World Aviation Federation, the International Aviation Federation (FAI). The company hopes that FAI will recognize and officially confirm the results as the speed of a new world record in the near future.

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Rolls-Royce all-electric aircraft set new speed records
The Spirit of Innovation aircraft recorded a top speed of 387.4mph / 623.45kph in a test flight over Wiltshire, England. Rolls-Royce all-electric aircraft set new speed records

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