Road and Rolling: House hearings on driver shortages, open road operations, class 8 used truck expansion

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Hearing by the Japan Transport Safety Board on the shortage of truck drivers

In a comment to the House Transport Infrastructure Commission, MIT Professor David Correll recently outlined a long-standing study conducted by MIT Freightlab, detailing the chronic underutilization of American truck drivers. ..

Below are some highlights and reports from the event.Interestingly, there was additional research on Whether the elog can predict whether the driver will exit. The work is preliminary, but long-distance drivers with the employer do most of the driving on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, indicating less weekend time.

In addition, raising wages and launching into higher-priced markets encourages drivers to drive more on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, reflecting the potential for weekend spikes. However, anecdotally, many warehouses and distribution centers do not offer weekend cargo reservations or offer limited capacity.

Other bullet points

  • Adding 18 minutes of drive time for each driver day will eliminate the 80,000 driver shortage. According to MIT Correl.
  • 40% of American trucking capacity is left on the table every day, Correll told Congress.
  • “This chronic underutilized problem is not a function of what the driver does or does not do, but the unfortunate consequence of our practice of scheduling and processing pickup and delivery appointments. Seems to be, “said Correll.
  • Dwell is still the biggest problem and MIT and USXpress have worked together Study driver efficiency..
  • Research scientist Correll, who has observed and discussed 4,000 OTR drivers over the past four years, said that the average driver observed, even though the driver could have 11 hours of driving time per day. I concluded that I only drove for 6.5 hours.
  • Leakage time —The time when the driver cannot drive because it is waiting to load or unload — is the central issue.


Utilization is important, but the main bottleneck is the efficiency of shippers and consignees. I have often seen situations where unfavorable pick-up or delivery times can be wasted waiting (living) for a driver half a day at the expense of income.

I have recommended a standardized rating system for American shippers that measures truck driver detention times and working conditions and allows carriers to distinguish between unprofitable shippers and consignees. I liked it.

(Photo: Jim Allen / FreightWaves)

Open Road Operation

14 Republican Governor Sign the initiative Pressure the Biden administration to ease federal regulations to combat supply chain delays. Governor is Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas. I’m from

Key Point:

Participating governors call on the Biden administration to participate in open-road operations by suspending what it considers to be annoying regulations, including at the federal level.

  • Reduces the age requirement for CDL holders to move cargo across state boundaries to 18 years.
  • Suspended federal obligations to all private employees, especially COVID-19 vaccines for trucking and transportation.
  • Review and revise federal government policies to prevent the use or domestic production of critical transportation equipment such as container, chassis, automobiles, trucks and tractor trailers.

State Action:

  • Change state road weight, size, or load limits and adjust service time constraints to give truck drivers more time and flexibility.
  • Deregulation of barriers to education and vocational licenses.
  • Improve connectivity and data sharing between shippers and consignees in ports, delivery points, storage facilities, and other state corridors for rapid loading and unloading and transportation of cargo.
  • Coastal port states have promised tonnage increases and will accept more Panamax vessels waiting off the west coast.

My view:

The supply chain is fragmented and chaotic, with major challenges being labor shortages and bottlenecks in ports, warehouses and distribution centers causing further delays.

Adjusting the CDL age to 18 for transport across state boundaries could introduce more capacity to the market.However, the CDL school 7 weeks on averageIt can cost more than $ 8,000 and you will need to upgrade your shipping company’s finishing program to drive without a trainer.

Overall, I think the biggest challenge is time itself. Delays in tractor use due to delays in pickup and delivery, delays due to lack of spare parts, delays in trailers due to storage and storage of loaded trailers, etc. Increasing utilization increases the shipments and inventory replenishments that are transported.

Market Updates: Used Truck Price Inflation Continues to Rise

JD Power Truck Cost Benchmark 89.9% increase from the previous year At the auction. Due to the large amount of backlog, long lead times, and shortages in the semiconductor supply chain, delivery times are extended to one year from the date of order.

Steve Tam, Vice President of ACT Research, Told Freight Waves: “Many of the fleets we talked about are in overcapacity situations.” No one drives the trucks they have. However, they have the equipment they ordered and are dissatisfied with the delay in delivery. Some fleets, traditionally not used as truck buyers, are looking to the secondary market to find equipment. ”

Compared to September 2021, the average price for Class 8 in October is as follows:

2020 model: $ 134,178. 2.6% increase.

2019 model: $ 107,725; 3.3% increase.

2018 model: $ 86,401; up 1.3%.

2017 model: $ 72,682. 3.8% increase.

2016 model: $ 55,904. Increased by 0.3%.

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