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Ricardo “lost words” after McLaren won the drought at the Italian Grand Prix

Richard took the lead from Max Verstappen on the opening lap, then controlled the proceedings at Monza, and the pressure eased after Verstappen collided with title rival Lewis Hamilton to launch a safety car during the race. rice field.

Ricardo maintained a stable gap with McLaren’s teammate Lando Norris and ran the green flag on the last 23 laps. Lead him home to win 1-2 for the team..

This is Ricardo’s first podium since joining McLaren, his first victory since the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix, and ending the drought of the team’s nine-year victory dating back to Brazil in 2012. increase.

It is also McLaren’s first 1-2 finish since Canada in 2010.

Ricardo was told during an interview with Parc Ferme that he couldn’t swear, [pause] time”.

“Honestly, even if we got off to a good start, there was no guarantee that we would lead the whole race,” Ricardo said.

“I was able to get ahead firmly in the first stint. I don’t think I liked megaspeed, but it was enough to put Max behind.

“And I don’t know. There was a safety car. There was this and that. I think none of us expected it to literally lead from start to finish.

“There was something on me on Friday. I knew something good was coming. Let’s say that.”

Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren MCL35M, Lando Norris, McLaren MCL35M

Photo: Mark Sutton / Motorsport image

Ricardo said he felt “inner anger” that he wasn’t on the grid, believing that Autosport had the pace to fight at the forefront in fourth place on Friday’s qualifying.

As a result, Ricardo, who had struggled to match his teammate Norris’s form for many of the previous seasons, has put an end to the difficult start of his life with McLaren.

Ricardo joked, “It was a sandbag SOB all year round,” but welcomed the effects of the summer vacation and helped reset.

“That’s what I did because I might have to win three, four, five times,” Ricardo said.

“Obviously, the August break just had to be reset, so I felt better over the last three weekends.

“It’s insane to get 1-2 as well as win. It’s huge, not to mention 1-2, for McLaren to be on the podium.

“This is for team papaya. I used to get lost.” Ricardo “lost words” after McLaren won the drought at the Italian Grand Prix

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