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Restored one-off Aston Martin Bulldog Found Street parked in London

The Bulldog was powered by a 5.3-liter Aston Martin V8 engine and pushed to the limit with a twin-garret turbocharger.State-of-the-art setup at the time.. Like many early turbo engines, the compression ratio was only 7.5: 1, but the engine performed a normal boost of 13psi. Early Bosch fuel injection replaced the Weber carburetor normally installed on the Aston Martin V8 at the time. Rumor has it that the output will reach 700 horsepower, but to ensure reliability, the engine usually ran below 600 horsepower.

The bulldog weighs 1750 kg and failed to reach its 200 mph target in testing. Attempts on the MIRA test track in 1980 reached 191 mph and were reported to have only 400 horsepower per hour at the time. Aston Martin theorized that the car could reach 237 mph on full steam, but the project was canceled shortly after Victor Gauntlet acquired a underfunded company in 1981.

After changing hands several times over the years, Victor’s son, Richard Gauntlet, became the owner of the car. Start the restoration.. This car debuted in its original color and condition at the Hampton Court Elegance Competition this summer.

As you can see on the road, it’s clear that the bulldog is running and driving, and everything from its power gull-wing doors to the foldable headlight shrouds is up and running. The latter is a particularly interesting note, and I wonder if the extra drag created by turning on the lights slows the bulldog from top speed.

Although only idling in this video, the roar from the engine is one of the thirsty V8 engines. Once the crowd has separated, the bulldog will later be loaded onto the truck. You’ll expect a jet-like scream from a twin-turbo with a flat chat, a roar from the exhaust.

With the repair work completed by the Bridgnorth classic motor car, Gauntlet hopes the Bulldog will eventually reach its 200 mph target. We hope that Aston Martin Racing driver Darren Turner will take the wheel and give you the hospitality you deserve for a bulldog after 40 years. We certainly monitor it.

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