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Removing Mashi does not resolve F1’s reliability concerns

As a result, Mashi was delayed in restarting the safety car at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton Losing race lead and world championships to Red Bull rivals Max Verstappen On the final lap.

Mashi allowed the wrapped car between Hamilton and Verstappen to pass through the safety car, but left the car behind Verstappen.

Mercedes has announced its intention to appeal the results of the Abu Dhabi race after the post-race protests against the safety car procedure have been denied, but then withdraw it following the FIA’s move to initiate an internal review. I decided.

Hamilton hasn’t talked about his future since a short interview shortly after the race. Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff revealed last month that both he and Hamilton were “disillusioned” with F1.

The FIA ​​issued its first statement on the issue since Mohammed Ben Sreyem was appointed president on Thursday, stating that the analysis of what happened in Abu Dhabi will focus on the use of safety cars.

In speculation about Mashi’s future, Sky Sports F1 expert Brandle said eliminating him would not solve the problems F1 faces.

“I absolutely know that changing Michael Masi won’t solve the problem,” said Brandle, a veteran of the 158 Grand Prix from 1984 to 1996.

“This is too big a job for one person to handle this in the 23-race season and it only grows.

“Returning to the day in the 16-18 race for Charlie [Whiting, Masi’s predecessor] And Harvey [Blash, Whiting’s assistant], Charlie was used to start the race, and Harvey was effectively the race director until Charlie returned from the opening podium near the grid.

“They kept it all under control, but it’s growing exponentially, so if Mashi stays, he needs a lot of support around him, and that’s what they’re looking at right now. I think that.

“And who really wants to step into his shoes now?”

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Brandle added that if both Mashi and the FIA ​​want his survival, Mashi “has only one life left.”

“So I don’t know if it’s all-purpose,” he said.

Brandle’s empty colleague Johnny HerbertThe three-time Grand Prix winner, suggested that Mashi’s position is no longer supported.

“I think he did too much damage to F1,” he said. “His position, you have to have trust, and I think trust has completely and completely evaporated.

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“The question is who to replace him with, obviously because experience is very important to a man who puts a slot in that position.

“Michael was very lucky. He was under Charlie Whiting when Charlie was in charge, and he learned a lot of good things from that perspective.

“Who is making me stand out as his successor now? No, that’s a challenge.” Removing Mashi does not resolve F1’s reliability concerns

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