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Reese wins British F4 title in a generous race

JHR Developments drivers headed to the finale weekend with a slender advantage of 12 points over Argenty Motorsport racer Matthias Zagazeta.

However, Zagazeta’s spin in the opening race finished in 4th place and Reese finished in 5th place, allowing him to quickly resolve what was becoming a fascinating deciding factor.

And that proved to be the case for the confused reverse grid second race.

The intertwining of Joseph Roke, Joel Granforce and Zac Taylor resulted in a longer safety car period, preventing Zagazeta from moving from 12th place on the field.

Reese was on the track to secure the 27-point gap needed to wrap the crown as second-placed Aiden Neat was forced to pit in with damaged wings.

But he had to survive a nervous two-lap restart and rely on Zagazeta’s failure to make progress.

Reese had a close relationship with Oliver Gray, but preceded Kai ASCII to ensure the championship.

And instead of making progress, Zagazeta fell to 9th place, disappointing the season.

“There are many meanings to winning. This is a prestigious title. Lando Norris won and Zane Maloney, who is active in FRECA, won. [Formula Regional European] And Luke Browning, who is active in ADAC F4, is a great achievement to follow in their footsteps. “

Matthew Rhys celebrating the acquisition of the British F4 title

Photo: Jakob Ebrey Photography / Motorsport image

At the age of 15, he didn’t expect to compete for the entire crown from Kurt in the first season. Instead, we are aiming for the honor of newcomers.

“It’s great to be at the top and beat Matthias (a good driver in the second year),” he added.

Reese remains open-minded about his options next year and has yet to decide which direction to go.

Zagazeta and Reese were key candidates later in the season, but the early stages of the campaign were all about James Hedley.

The 2019 Ginetta Junior Champion built an overwhelming initial point lead with two wins and a podium at the opening Thruxton event.

But this year’s nightmare fourth meeting at Knockhill (he scored lonely points) stopped his momentum.

Subsequent switches from Fortec to Carlin did not bring any improvement, he only won two podiums in the last six events.

Before sophomore driver Zagazeta brought Peru into the mix, Reese’s qualifying skills pushed him to the top, setting the first four poles in the fastest or second fastest time.

Argenty’s driver took the top spot, but the last tricky weekend at Donington Park and two wins in Reese meant that the balance of power had shifted again, and Reese would take advantage of it in the brand. Is done. Reese wins British F4 title in a generous race

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