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Rally 1 car like “Formula E running on rally road”

Hyundai drivers have been testing the Korean brand i20 2022 prototype in recent weeks, adapting to the new challenge of driving on the essential 100kW hybrid system.

Neuville is especially straightforward Contrary to WRC’s new Rally 1 regulation, it has introduced hybrids in addition to reduced aerodynamics and suspension movement, and has removed the center differential.

Belgians blew up the future direction of the WRC last month“No one has made a different decision and has no ball against the FIA’s decision,” he said.

The car will be stripped in the area, but it will be much safer thanks to the much more rugged chassis, and when the hybrid is deployed, the car will generate 500 horsepower. This is far more than the current generation of WRC machines that have been in use since 2017.

Hyundai’s prototype is far from a finished product, but Newbill’s experience in hybrid driving is great, as Newbill’s focus is on recovering energy when braking for use in acceleration. Says it is unpredictable.

When asked for feedback on driving a Rally 1 car at a media briefing prior to this weekend’s Rally Spain, Neuville said:

“It’s very quick to say what it will be. Many things aren’t working yet, as it should be in a hybrid system, and it’s very difficult to get real feedback.

“For me so far, it will be a change [of driving style]..

“The goal is to recover energy with the brakes applied. [hybrid power] With acceleration. If you do not reach your target with the brakes applied, you will not be able to give additional power to the exit, making the whole inconsistent and unpredictable.

Hyundai I20N WRC Rally 1


“At the same time, once you reach your goal, accelerate and lift the throttle once, you lose all the power available. So far, it’s very inconsistent.

“We need to go further with the test. Too much isn’t clear yet.

“I don’t know if anyone will be a big fan of the first version of this new car. The only exciting thing is that no one knows where we’re going and what we expect from next year. . “

For the penultimate round of the 2021 WRC this weekend in Spain, Neuville is confident that he will be able to challenge the victory following the disappointed Rally Finland, which ended in retirement due to a leak.

Neuville finished third fastest on Thursday’s shakedown and kicked off Rally Spain. Pacemaker Sebastien Ogier was Toyota’s teammate and only 0.2 seconds faster than his title rival. Elfyn Evans..

“It was the first time in Finland that Hyundai had a great speed,” Neuville said.

“I think I was doing really well. I was going faster than Ogier, and it was just Elfin who did the hell of the rally.

“”Craig Breen [in the third Hyundai] I started on the 11th or 10th when I was 3rd, so there is no comparison.

“I’m not really worried about the speed this weekend. If the car is in good shape and comfortable, we should fight for victory.” Rally 1 car like “Formula E running on rally road”

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