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QOTD: Which is the current car that will be reborn in 50 years?

“Another day, another rest mod” E type is unleashed I came across my desk only a week later Electrogenic EVE type conversion. All of the long lines of reimagination of the Jug E type. It’s the car that may hold the record for producing the most “off-the-shelf” restore mod options.

These reborn pieces share the chords common to enthusiasts, with companies building legendary “inspired” takes or adopting originals for modern conveniences. Objectively, there are countless ways to improve a concept designed about 50 years ago, but many do not completely compromise the experience, but instead improve everyday usability factors, perhaps. Solve some. Nigle.

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Electrical conversion Another fish kettle. You can understand the desire to affectionately modernize classical music. But it’s definitely a million miles away from the original, not by tearing the soul and replacing it with something, and perhaps not completely lacking in personality. It doesn’t float my boat. But I don’t hate the idea either, and I’m happiest if it’s done in a way that can bring the car back to its original state.

All of these resto-mods, Electrical modification, And recreation, however, made me think. In 50 years, which of today’s cars will look back in melancholy and encourage niche makers to improve what was once considered the pinnacle of engineering? To get things started, here’s a simple few cars we think we can make a comeback for enthusiasts decades from now, assuming the fun police don’t have their way There is a list.

Mazda MX-5

The zero point of creativity, I know.But hey, the possibility ND Mazda MX-5 The duplicate restomod after 50 years is almost dead certificate. It’s the kind of car that receives universal admiration from almost everyone who drives a car. It’s not too hard to imagine that such a lightweight fun formula wouldn’t be truly retained by a nostalgic brigade. However, it can be even more powerful in all recreations.

Ford Bronco

The· New Bronco It seems that Jeep executives are on a path that makes them feel a little uneasy. And when it comes to the last ICE-equipped version of this platform, it won’t surprise us. The perfect recipe for those who care about good looks and off-road abilities will cling to them for their beloved life.

Nissan GT-R

Far from the technology-packed showcases of the past, GT-R In the light of today’s options, it’s starting to look a little longer in my teeth. Still, it’s a soldier and has the same kind of loyal and affectionate fan base as Korean pop group BTS. And if you’ve ever tried to talk about the ensemble online, you know exactly how defensive fan power can be. That will create demand in the future, right? And there is a good reason.

Chrysler 300C

This was a leftfield choice and probably had to stick to the original option of either the Ford Mustang or the Dodge Challenger. I didn’t, because I thought it was too predictable.However, Chrysler’s unloved lineup Overdue for a long time Due to some style changes. And the design of the 300C may be lovingly remembered, by standing out against the German set standards that seem indistinguishable from each other half a century later.

So which current model do you think (or should) be reborn in 50 years, perhaps with an electric or hydrogen powertrain? Feel free to ring the chime in the comments just below. QOTD: Which is the current car that will be reborn in 50 years?

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