ProX Racing Parts for Implementing Minimum Advertising Price Policy

Starting January 1, 2022, ProX Racing Parts will roll out a newly created Minimum Advertising Price (MAP) policy.

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As a pillar of the performance alternatives industry, ProX’s priorities are its 40-year history and the future of delivering the best products to valued distributors, dealers, retailers, and ultimately end users. Is to protect. As a strategy needed to protect the integrity of the ProX brand and its partners, a comprehensive MAP policy is essential to protect all sales channels.

Adhering to this MAP policy protects the brand’s credibility and maintains its reputation for delivering high value, high quality performance products to its customers. The MAP policy enhances the strong technical support and after-sales service of ProX and its resellers, ProX creates a fair and equitable competition for all retailers, protects dealers and distributors, and ProX’s competitiveness. It plays an important role in achieving the goal of increasing retailers. market place.

“The newly created MAP policy is an important factor in protecting the ProX brand and creating a fair haven for all valued distributors, dealers, retailers and resellers,” said Race Winning Brand Marketing and Power Sports Director Scott Highland said. ProX’s parent company. “At the same time, this industry standard policy will bring ProX in line with many of the corresponding ones across the power sports industry. This is an important initiative for ProX and will work with everyone involved to navigate. We look forward to making sure that what we do is a clear and friendly policy. “

The MAP policy applies to all ProX distributors, dealers, resellers, and retailers, both traditional and Internet-based retailers. Additional information and resources regarding ProX MAP policies can be found at: ProX Racing Parts for Implementing Minimum Advertising Price Policy

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