Prototype of the first Triumph motorcycle excavated in 1901

In preparation for celebrating the 120th anniversary of Triumph’s first mass-produced motorcycle, the company announced that it had found an older one. A prototype manufactured in 1901 that preceded the first electric motorcycles sold by Triumph to the public.

The first Triumph motorcycle was a Triumph bike with a 2.2 horsepower engine manufactured by Belgium’s Minerva and sold in 1902. Now, according to the company, Triumph collector Dick Shepherd has found a prototype manufactured in 1901. It was mentioned in the account from that time. Shepherd said he was called by a friend of a deceased collector and asked to look into an old bicycle.

Dick Shepherd presents his historic “Discovery of the Barn”. Victory photo.

“I was incredibly excited to find a bike with unique details that didn’t exist in the first production Triumph,” Sheper said. “Along with the bike, collectors also received a letter from Triumph in 1937 outlining the unique origins of the bike and providing important details.

“With an engine number that matches the reference to Minerva’s engine record for the first Triumph Engagement in 1901, the historical importance of this motorcycle is incredibly clear.”

Triumph prototype motorcycle exhibited in front of the 1901 Triumph engine
The full specs of the 1901 prototype aren’t available, but I’m confident that you’ll get significantly less output than the Rocket III engine on display behind. Victory photo.

The 1901 prototype has been restored and unveiled at the Motorcycle Live Show in the UK this weekend. Participating in a new 120th anniversary exhibition at the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience Center in Hinckley, England, the company first plans an event on December 14th, where the machine will be unveiled for the first time in over a century. Will be done. NS Triumph Factory Visitor Experience Is open all year round and admission is free.

Pocket watch on the handlebar of the Triumph prototype
Analog dash, circa 1901. Gentlemen need to be careful about time and not arrive late due to promises while riding the victory. Victory photo.

Triumph also recently Celebrated the production of the 1 millionth motorcycle Since the brand was revived by John Bruer in the 1990s. Prototype of the first Triumph motorcycle excavated in 1901

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