Pros and Cons of Tesla: Things You Should Know

As one of the biggest car manufacturers in the past few years, Tesla has managed to be a great example to other companies when it comes to clean energy. One of the biggest advantages they have over other manufacturers is the electric car and its capabilities. Autonomous driving was something from a sci-fi movie a decade ago.

Nowadays, all other companies are using what Elon Musk has managed and they are implementing it in their vehicles. The problem with others is that they are not able to follow the growth of Tesla which makes them a number one manufacturer for some professionals.

New Design Concepts

There’s no doubt that the Model X became a favorite car for many people when it came out. Everyone loves to show it off to the public because it has a great design and power. If you are planning to travel with it, make sure you contact International Drivers Association to get your license on time because you won’t be able to drive Tesla models outside of your country.

It was hard for other companies to make an electric model that will have great capabilities and look. The first car they made which was the Roadster wasn’t the prettiest vehicle but things changed a lot from then. Most of the models have the same appeal but they don’t look like something that is capable of reaching 60 mph in 1.9 seconds.

Environmental Safety

One of the biggest topics these years is about the environment and how much we need to take care of it. This is one of the biggest reasons why they had such a success and there’s the engineering part also. Tesla has one of the best systems when it comes to electric cars and their batteries are not producing as much waste as others.

Superchargers and Super Performers

There are speculations when it comes to how long it takes to charge these cars and how efficient they are when you use gas. But, it’s very easy to find out this information on their website or even on Google. On a supercharger, it would take you only 15 minutes to fill it up for a 200 miles trip.

If you use a regular charger it may take from 6 to 12 hours to have full capacity. Even this number isn’t big because you will leave it overnight. These batteries are far more superior compared to the models before Tesla. This is why some of them can reach more than 600 miles when they are full and reach great speeds.

It Still Hasn’t Got There

There are a couple of cons that have to be mentioned but they will be resolved in the near future. One of them is that there are not enough dealerships around the world that have them. This is the biggest problem when they are compared to the competition.

The other one is that there are not enough charges at some locations so you would need to install one at home or you will have some issues if you live in a country where they are not that common.

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