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Proctor leads Honda 1-2-3-4, Sutton leads title candidate

And while BTC Racing teammate Josh Cook, who passed the qualifying in the front row of Proctor, had the least chance of a crown, Ashsutton outperformed a realistic title candidate in 6th place on the grid. ..

With a 39kg success ballast on the Civic Type R, Cook went into the 66-point drift of championship leader Sutton over the weekend, with only 67 points on the table.

He was the fastest at the midpoint of the session, but failed to improve on subsequent runs, and Proctor scored Paul’s points, making Cook’s task even more difficult.

The Proctor is equipped with a 15kg ballast and has improved tire preparation for the best performance in qualifying.

“It was a tough session,” said Yorkshireman, who delayed Cook by 0.011 seconds and set a new qualifying lap record for the brand GP circuit. “The car is fast and this BTC Racing FK8 Civic was on the rails today.

“I was under a lot of pressure after Josh spent that time with 15 minutes remaining. I didn’t think I could do that time.”

Cook was cold about the defeat, but Dan Lowbottom was clearly angry that he was beaten third in his team Dynamics Honda with a 9kg ballast.

Rowbottom was on a faster lap when the ball was hit by Jade Edwards’ third BTC Honda on a Westfield runout.

“I feel robbed,” said Lowbottom, who set up a theoretical pole lap that combined the best sectors. “I feel that the tactics of other teams have come out.”

Gordon Sheden’s sister Dynamics Honda shares the second row of the grid with a 21kg ballast.

The fifth fastest was Dan Lloyd’s Power Maxed Racing Vauxhall Astra, who was involved in a fight later in the session, with the theoretical best lap faster than the Proctor.

Discounting Cook, the fight for the right title took an intriguing form.

Colin Turkington was second in points, carrying a 66kg ballast on the West Surrey Racing-run BMW 330i M Sport and taking advantage of the traction from his teammate Stephen Jerry for a short time after the second run began. It came in 3rd place.

However, after that, Sutton, whose maximum success weight of the Laser Tool Racing Infiniti Q50 was 75 kg, quickly jumped to 3rd place ahead of Turkinton, and teammate Aiden Moffat (27 kg) also overtook BMW to take 4th place. ..

As front-wheel drive machines improved, all four dropped, with Sutton in 6th, Moffat in 7th, Turkinton in 8th and Jerry in 9th.

Turkinton has worked hard enough to win the Goodyear Wingfoot Awards. This award will earn points on the regular BTCC scale in qualifying positions during the season.

Another BMW, Tom Chilton’s Ciceley Motorsport machine, has completed the Top 10.

Jake Hill (MB Motorsport Ford Focus operated by Motorbase) and Tom Ingram (Excelr8 Motorsport Hyundai i30 N) are two other title candidates, with Hill (48kg ballast) in 11th place and Ingram (57kg) in 11th place. 13th place.

Brands Hatch BTCC-Qualifying Results Proctor leads Honda 1-2-3-4, Sutton leads title candidate

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