Portares breaks altitude world record with Yamaha Tenere 700

Keeping up with trial champion Pol Thales and all the crazy things he does with his new build, the Tenere 700, is a steady task.Just a few weeks ago he was taking part in the Tunisian Desert Challenge with a new Yamaha one. Tenere World Raid TeamAnd now he broke the Guinness World Records by climbing the Andean mountains on his personal T7 and reaching the highest altitudes on a two-cylinder motorcycle.

The resulting video, Terrible 7, is the first time a Super Athletic Spaniard has seen him approach the limits of his fitness. As you might expect from a rider who slides a 700cc adventure bike over miles of steep bottomless shale and heavy loose rocks to reach an altitude of 20,203 feet (6157.5 m), there is plenty of intense breathing.

Anyone who follows Pol knows that he is always trying. It is the full creative aide known as the Trece Racing Society that enables his wild efforts. This includes the brothers of The Who’s production company, also known as Javi and Mito Echevarría, studded with fan-dreamy stunts. Seeker Video series.

The idea of ​​a vertical challenge came up more easily than finding enough breaks on Pol’s busy rally schedule to travel to Argentina and climb the eighth highest mountain in the Andes, Mercedario. Mount Mercedario was not conquered by motorcycle. Several other high-level world record vehicles took place at the more accessible volcano Ojos del Salad on the Argentine-Chile border.

Yes, other riders are crazy enough to squeeze the motorcycle to a high degree where the human body undergoes atmospheric pressure changes sufficient to cause various health complications such as pulmonary edema, brain damage and death. Swiss rider, Izzy ZackClaimed the world record for the highest altitude of motorcycles, reaching 21,476 (6546m) on the KTM 450 EXC-F in February 2020. The record for the highest altitude of a twin cylinder bike was held by a Chilean enduro rider. Fabio MossiniIn 2017, the Africa Twin DCT reached 19,570 feet (5965 meters).

Portares breaks high altitude world record with Yamaha Tenere 700

At the beginning of the video, we’ll cover some of Pol’s most amazing T7 ride summaries, including stunts that redefine the perceived limits of consumer-level adventure bikes. Then, moving on to his new challenge, it’s easy to see how high the crew is affected as they move from the approximately 9845 feet (3000 meters) first base camp to the 14,764 intermediate base camp. increase. Feet (4500 meters). “The main purpose of our expedition was to test the bikes and riders in the harshest conditions possible,” says Pol, who took off from the mid-base camp himself in an attempt to get as close as possible to the summit of Mercedario. ..

Portares breaks high altitude world record with Yamaha Tenere 700

In particular, Pol had no experience riding at high altitudes and was not specially trained like other riders, including Izzy Zack, who trained eight months ago, including Stint. There was nothing easy. In the hyperbaric oxygen therapy room.

So no one knew how Pol’s body would react to such a fierce physical challenge at very high altitudes, or how Tenere would work in such extreme situations. .. In fact, the engineer (standard 5500m to 8000m) who redialed the T7’s injection mapping before riding didn’t expect the bike to be able to handle the harshest conditions.

Portares breaks high altitude world record with Yamaha Tenere 700

Well, like life, sometimes it’s best not to know what you’re crazy about. If not, run with your tail turned. The Spanish crew had a high degree of difficulty just arriving at the base camp, with the addition of a local guide to the Inca Expedition and a doctor to monitor and treat the potential physical distress of Pol and his crew.

Portares breaks high altitude world record with Yamaha Tenere 700

Apart from the physical stress caused by the spikes in altitude, Pol and his bike were severely hampered by deep shale-like gravel with sharp rocks tied up. High speeds could not be achieved on such steep, gentle slopes, and the bike was constantly sunk into gravel, smashing the rear knob long before approaching record altitude. “I’m up, but it’s very difficult,” he said, because he “sleeps” the bike alone in the mountains while returning to the base camp to charge for another attempt the next day. When leaving the bike, Pol of the terrain says.

In addition to the tire-eating terrain, the remapped bike breathed soft and steep Shaley’s soup violently, urging the crew to carry a bottle of petrol to the bike, resulting in unexpectedly high fuel consumption. The harsh terrain and inconsistent momentum also put great demands on the clutch and worried Pol, but it held up.

Portares breaks high altitude world record with Yamaha Tenere 700
Pol Thales set a world record in the highlands with a two-cylinder adventure motorcycle.

I recently reported on this particular T7 buildA bike rethought from scratch by the Dakar Racer and FIM 500cc Baja World Champion Manuel Luckese. In addition to carbon fiber skins and other cosmetics, Yamaha received a brand new suspension consisting of an Outback Motortech Crash Bar Set and a custom bash plate, Mitas Nobby, new gearing, and a custom built 48mm fork from KYB that offers custom. We offer a mileage of 270mm, a mileage of 230mm with a rally raid towed rear shock, and an additional 30mm in stock.

Pol Thales set a world record in the highlands with a two-cylinder adventure motorcycle.

In fact, Pol’s new Yamaha killed a world record challenge, despite the extreme excitement in the last section. “I never imagined the bike could resist that much!” When he arrived at El Diente del Mercedario, the “teeth” of the mountains, Pol said he was stroking a T7 tank like the back of his best friend. rice field. This isn’t the summit he was aiming for, but it’s high enough. Break the altitude record for twins.

By the time Pol calls it to stop, it’s hard to know who spent more, the rear hump or rider. “It was an insanely challenging endeavor,” he says through a shabby breath. He was using oxygen in the last part of the ascent, but he admitted that the challenge was much easier if he had time to adapt, and said it was of little use.

Pol Thales set a world record in the highlands with a two-cylinder adventure motorcycle.

Pol says he burns 20,000 calories a day in Mercedario and the temperature in the highlands has dropped to -20 ° C. “I was sweating and freezing, but then the breathtaking scenery was revealed. I’ve never felt so small in my life,” he said alone, in a vast monochromatic color. It is said to run through the mountains.

As Pol Watchers expect, the last five minutes or so of the video is a lot of fun b-roll credits to see behind the scenes of Pol and his Trece Racing Society friends like Pol and his best actor Ahikaru Ascona as a giant. Fellow. “Someone else will try this for 10 minutes and go home.”

Pol Thales set a world record in the highlands with a two-cylinder adventure motorcycle.

Come more!

Filmmaker Javi Echevarría says he has learned so much about his adventures in the highlands that Pol and his crew will soon be back in the mountains to play pranks. Also, for Seeker fans, he informed ADV Pulse that there will be a new release by the end of the year featuring “Very Special New Tenere”.

Photo by Javi Echevarría.

author: Jamie Elvidge

Jamie has been a motorcycle journalist for over 30 years, testing the entire range of bicycles in major print magazines and specializing in adventure travel related stories. To date, she has written and provided photos of articles explaining what it’s like to ride in all 50 states and 43 foreign countries, and along the way won two Lowell Thomas American Travel Writer Awards. Her most challenging adventure is riding the 2018 GS Trophy in Mongolia as an embedded journalist for Team Aus America.

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