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Porsche establishes R & D facility in China and small assembly base in Malaysia

Porsche has announced plans to establish a permanent R & D facility in China to strengthen its presence in Asia.

This new R & D center is located in Shanghai. It focuses on better understanding the needs of customers in the Chinese market. Porsche Largest single market. The facility will join Porsche Digital China, which was established last year, and Porsche Engineering China, which has been in the country for over 20 years.

Porsche We operate a number of R & D facilities around the world, all of which are directly linked to the company’s engineering base in Weissach, Germany. These facilities range from facilities in northern Sweden, where frigid weather tests are conducted, to Johannesburg, South Africa and California.

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“We are curious, constantly learning and tweaking cars,” Oliver Blume, chairman of the Porsche Board of Directors, said in a statement. “Having a permanent home for this job in China brings clear benefits, especially when it comes to reflecting and forecasting customer needs in China. The largest sales market for the sixth consecutive year. “

Porsche too Established a small local meetinghouse in Malaysia Responsible for the production of models exclusively for the local market. This is important because taxes on many imported Porsche models make up 105% of the purchase price of the car. This site is responsible for the final assembly of certain models from 2022.

“Malaysia’s new assembly site is an independent project that meets specific market needs, is modest in size and capacity, but shows a willingness to learn and adapt to market conditions in specific regions,” said Production Execution. Albrecht Reymold, a member of the committee, added. Logistics in Porsche. Porsche establishes R & D facility in China and small assembly base in Malaysia

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