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Podcasters bring fixed operational expertise to the masses

What started as a bull session turned into a Sunday morning ritual.

“We get together after work and blow a breeze about fixed operations,” said Joe Chambers for 24 hours with his friend and colleague Eric Jauregi, who turned into a “Service Drive Live” show. I’m talking about a conversation.

“Then a pandemic broke out and all the bars were closed, making it impossible,” says Chambers.

However, social distance did not diminish the enthusiasm for fixed operations. And Chambers and Jauregui were awake on the weekend morning anyway and had nothing else to do, so they started connecting via Zoom.

Only one person attending the first show on February 21, 2021 accepted the invitation on LinkedIn. Slowly but surely, the circle has grown. So was the sophisticated level. Jauregui has remodeled the garage. The garage has a studio with an anchor desk, background, webcam, microphone and sound board monitor.

“We’re just a few idiots with microphones,” says Chambers, who oversees multiple dealers outside Chicago. Jauregui is a service manager at a dealer.

Humility aside, Service Drive Live has become a valuable place to discuss best practices, trading tips and vents.

“It’s a group room for talking about business and sharing knowledge,” says Chambers. “One of the things I wanted to do with’SDL’is to keep it a reality. We are boots on the ground and we are in the store every day.”

Jauregui says that every show has a topic that stems from what everyone is experiencing. The target audience is a mixture of parts and service workers, consultants, trainers, vendors, and manufacturers. But the purpose is to share knowledge, not to sell.

“We enjoy it,” says Chambers. “We have a great community and we have really strong connections with the people there.”

Preparations for the show will begin at 5:30 am CST Sunday and the show will begin at 7 am.

“At that time, our family is asleep,” says Chambers. “By the time we come back, the house is moving.”

He and Jauregi want to meet rather than sleep.

“We like talking to these people,” says Chambers. “We love talking about business.”

With over 50 shows, according to Chambers, the next step is to create podcasts and extend reach across social media networks. They also want to host a live event. But they aren’t eager to become a full-time broadcaster.

Their goal remains the same: professional growth.

“We got a lot from it,” says Chambers, calling “Service Drive Live” a “valuable opportunity to improve ourselves in business.” Podcasters bring fixed operational expertise to the masses

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