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“Plant-based Convention”: The new campaign aims to put climate-friendly diets at the center of global decarbonization efforts.

Activists gathered outside city halls around the world yesterday to encourage governments and local leaders to stop the impact of animal farming on the climate and move to a more sustainable and climate-friendly plant-based diet. Called for the adoption of a plant-based treaty aimed at.

The plant-based treaty campaign is a global three-principle of “abandoning, redirection, and restoration” aimed at stopping the degradation of ecosystems caused by animal farming and facilitating the transition to a plant-based diet. It was officially launched with the aim of ensuring a good agreement. , And restore each of the major ecosystems.The campaign began with events in nearly 100 cities and towns around the world, including Manchester and Bristol in the United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Rome, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Toronto, Seoul, Mumbai and Ankara.

“The 6th Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Agreement clarifies that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is more important than ever, and is plant-based as an important way to achieve this. We are identifying the diet of the plant-based treaty initiative.

“Unless urgent action is taken, global temperatures will rise by 3 degrees Celsius, so it is now essential to raise awareness of how food systems, especially livestock, contribute to the climate crisis.”

In the latest IPPC climate change report released last month, scientists warn that methane, a gas emitted primarily from livestock farming, plays a greater role in global warming than ever before. bottom. Limit warming over the next 20 years.

Therefore, this initiative encourages 10,000 organizations, 10,000 companies and 50 cities to approve the proposed treaty by 2023, ahead of the next global development against the goals of the Paris Agreement. The purpose is that. A plant-based diet may be approved by the government. To date, 198 organizations and 64 companies have supported the demands of the new treaty, in addition to individual support from politicians and celebrities around the world.Musician and international animal rights activist Moby welcomed the launch of a new campaign. “Because meat and dairy production is a major cause of climate emergencies, it is clear that the climate crisis cannot be resolved without being plant-based,” he said. “Change is essential and I support plant-based treaties for animal, earth and human health.”The news arrives the same week that the four Universities of Berlin announced the switch to the majority of plant-based menus. The 34 cafeterias across four universities in Germany will offer only one meat choice for four days from October as part of a new menu of 68% vegan and 28% vegetarian. “Plant-based Convention”: The new campaign aims to put climate-friendly diets at the center of global decarbonization efforts.

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