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Penske and Hendrick Top Online Reputation Survey

Penske Automotive Group Inc. And Hendrick Automotive Group outperformed their peers in the dealer group. Online reputation survey Released on Monday.

reputationHelps car brands and dealer groups manage online reviews and customer feedback. Penske was ranked number one on the list of public dealer groups in the United States, and Hendrick was ranked number one on the list of private groups in the United States.

According to a reputation survey, Nissan received the highest score among non-luxury brands in the United States, and Infiniti was ranked number one among luxury brands.

The company said the annual report used customer feedback data from Google, Facebook, Twitter and other online sources to analyze 20,000 car dealers and brands in the United States and Canada.It also YouGov Research Company About 1,000 consumer surveys on vehicle surveys and purchasing habits.

Reputation gets a ranking from what is called a reputation score. Reputation scores measure a company’s customer sentiment, visibility, and engagement on a scale of 0 to 1,000, using metrics such as the number of reviews remaining, the average number of stars per review, and customer response. review.

According to reputation, the amount of reviews in 2021 is higher than ever.

According to the company, this year’s dealers faced the challenge of continuing pandemics and inventory constraints caused by a shortage of microchips. The number of reviews discussing inventory shortages increased more than 32 times from January to July. Penske and Hendrick Top Online Reputation Survey

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