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Olam Food Ingredients is trying to create a sustainable “cashew trail” chart

Cashew nuts may be a staple in the cupboard, but do consumers know how often their favorite snacks come from? Today, Olam Food Ingredients (OFI) is working to improve the transparency of the entire cashew nut supply chain, with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of popular products and enhancing farmers’ lives. Announced Sustainability Goals.

A new initiative, dubbed The Cashew Trail, will increase average yields by 50%, help 250,000 cashew households improve their livelihoods, and at the same time halve the company’s greenhouse gas emission intensity to help farmers. The cashew supply chain features a series of ambitious goals to combat poverty.

To help achieve its goals, the strategy also includes a new approach to supply chain transparency, allowing OFI to track 100% of its processing at the farmer group level. I am aiming.

In addition, 250,000 households are set to benefit from new training programs and access to inputs such as fertilizers, and children in the cashew community, sourced directly by OFI, will benefit from investing in educational infrastructure. I am supposed to receive it.

Ashok Krishen, Managing Director and CEO of OFI’s Nuts business, said: After more than a decade of working with customers and partners to make Cashew’s supply chain fairer, stronger and more sustainable, cashew farmers are still struggling to survive. Before the COVID-19 pandemic. “

OFI said it is taking an innovative approach to achieving its sustainability goals, such as using direct purchase apps. This gives farmers access to the latest market prices and allows them to negotiate directly rather than traditional purchasing agents, thus maintaining more value. For their crops.

Progress towards the goals set in the Kathute Rail strategy is reported annually, tracked and supported through data that will be available on Olam’s Sustainability Insights Platform. AtSource.. Indicators analyzed include data on carbon dioxide emissions, water and land use footprints. These data can be used by enterprise customers for their own sustainability programs and consumer communication.

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