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Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal dug up the media after the Tata Nexus EV fire.

New Delhi: On Thursday, Ora founder and CEO Babish Agarwal had another opportunity to delve into mainstream media after reports of the Tatanexon EV igniting in Mumbai surfaced. Aggarwal said in a tweet that the EV fire will continue. Tatanexon EV ignites in Mumbai, automakers state detailed investigation..

“EV fires occur in all products around the world. EV fires are much less than ICE (internal combustion engine) fires,” he tweeted in an Autocar India editor. I tagged a Hormazd Sorabjee.

Earlier this year, Agarwal called senior car journalists “gasoline media” and shared a mocking photo of Bernor in response to the criticisms he faced on Twitter. Meanwhile, Ora Electric also plans to launch its own electric vehicle within a few years, and recently exhibited a prototype.

Aggarwal’s latest tweet is about battery failures and design flaws that Ola Electric, along with several other prominent Electric motorcycle makers, has caused several EV fire accidents in the country over the past few months. I came when I was facing strict surveillance.

In March, an Ola S1 Pro electric scooter ignited in Pune on the side of the road, and preliminary evaluation revealed that it was an “isolated incident.” Ora Electric later voluntarily reclaimed 1,441 scooters as a preemptive measure to carry out a detailed health check of the batch.

In April, a man in Tamil Nadu set fire to Ora’s e-scooter after being fed up with poor performance while the electric scooter ignited. Physiotherapist G. Pritovillage purchased an Olas scooter in January of this year, but was fed up with the company’s mileage and poor service.

“Olas scooters ignited because they did not provide the mileage and poor service promised by the manufacturer,” he told IANS.

It happened after a Maharashtra man tied an Ora electric scooter to a donkey with a rope in the form of a protest.

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