Okaya Freedum Low Speed ​​Electric Scooter Launches for £ 69,900

On Thursday, Okaya EV, the electric vehicle division of the Okaya Group, an energy storage solution provider, announced the launch of its third product, the Freedom Electric Scooter, which went into operation in July of this year. The company claims that Freedum will be launched as a 100% Indian scooter manufactured at Himachal Pradesh-based Okaya’s Baddi plant.

EV makers say their previous EVs, the Avion IQ series and the Class IQ series, have received a “tremendous reaction.”

Okaya’s new Freedume-scooter is available in a total of four variations. Freedum is a low-speed service for the mass segment, primarily targeted at delivery-based business and budget buyer requirements.

The new Freedum is available in both VRLA lead-acid batteries and lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. Its colors have a variety of options, including white, red, blue to black, green, brown, and beige. Equipped with a 250W BLDC hub motor, it has a top speed of 25km / h and a full charge range of 70-80km.

At the launch of Freedum, Anil Gupta, Managing Director of Okaya Power Group, said: It’s no wonder we have an edge in the market space because of our relevant business interests. With great awareness of the quality and durability of our products, we have created a fully Indian proposal that fulfills the government’s goal of seeing a one-carol E-scooter on the street by 2025. “

According to the company, its parent group, Okaya, has been supplying EV batteries since 2016-17, EV changers and charging stations since 2019, aiming to emerge as one of the key players in the Indian EV market. There is. Okaya Freedum Low Speed ​​Electric Scooter Launches for £ 69,900

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